Saturday, September 5, 2009

My Guess at the Final 53


Offense = 26

QB: McNabb, Kolb, Feeley, Vick
RB: Westy, McCoy, Buckley, Weaver
TE: Celek, T. Curtis
WR: D-Jax, K.Curtis, Avant, Baskett, Maclin, Gibson
OT: Peters, Sh. Andrews, Dunlap, Justice
OG: Herremans, St. Andrews, MJG, Cole
OC: Jackson, McGlynn

Defense = 24

DE: Cole, VA, Howard, Clemons, Parker, Babin
DT: Bunkley, Patterson, Laws
LB: Jordan, Gocong, Fokou, White
ILB: Gaither, Mays
S: Mikell, Demps, Harris, Jones
CB: Samuel, Brown, Hanson, Hobbs, Patterson

STs = 3

P: Rocca
K: Akers
LS: Dorenbos

Practice Squad:

1 - Fenuki Tupou
2 - Paul Fanaika
3 - Danny Amendola
4 - Rob Myers
5 - Jack Ikegwounu
6 - Reshad Langford
7 - Marcus Mailei
8 - DT

I hope the team makes a deal for another TE, but I wonder if AR will go light there so we can go heavy on the lines and keep 6 WRs.

I'm not sure about both Dunlap and Justice making it. We know they love OL so I kept both around.

The big problem I have is at DE. I'm fine with keeping 6 guys, but I wonder who is inactive. Babin? Don't you want him on the field as a backup and STer? Things would be a lot easier if we cut or traded Juqua Parker. I'm just not sure they're willing to do that. It won't shock me to see something happen to him this weekend.

I hope we're able to deal Reggie Brown. I have been hesitant to keep Gibson over him in past discussions, but I saw enough from Brandon on Thursday that I finally decided we must find a way to keep him. He also fits the roster well.

Let me know where I'm wrong. Just be gentle about it...

UPDATE --- I already edited the PS. Somehow left Amendola off initially.



Anonymous said...

Great guess, but I did have a couple of questions: Do you really see them carrying 4 QBs, even for the first 2 games? That would be mildly shocking. Also, do you think there is any chance that they try to stash Gibson on the PS and keep Brown? Brown is great insurance if one of the top guys goes down, and I can't see Gibson (or Maclin for that matter) stepping into that spot so quickly. I also agree on Babin/Parker; it's great to have a fresh rotation, but sometimes that disrupts the flow of things and keeps a guy like Babin from really being effective.

T_S_O_P said...

I read (on Igglesblogs I think)that last year even when activated, Mays didnot play STs. I doubt he has done much this year on STs as he was too busy being the starting Mike. Further, if Gaither is injured (and he is banged up) Mays may get the nod but only as the FO hunt furiously for a replacement of Gaither. What I'm getting to (awkwardly as ususal) is that I am not sure that Mays is a lock for that final roster. What good is a back up that will get abused and that has little to no experience on STs?

mcud77 said...

Possible vet pickups -

RB, TE, CB (Rod Hood, anyone?)

Does Bryan Smith even make the PS at this point? What a disappointment. That pick bothered me more than just about any other in the Reid era, including MJG, Hunt, and Kolb. I remember desperately wanting JerMichael Finley, and even though he is a backup with Green Bay, at least he'll be on an NFL roster on Sunday.

Of the vet WRs, I think the guys I'd be most inclined to lose are Baskett (1 year deal anyway) or Curtis. Kevin is going to have a very difficult time making the '10 roster anyway, he doesn't look healthy, and has a large cap #. Reggie Brown as our backup Z > Reggie Brown's trade value.

Tommy Lawlor said...

RE: 4 QBs

I think the team will listen to offers for AJ, but they won't give him away. I'm just not sure anyone will give up enough to pry him away.

RE: Gibson / Brown

I was of the belief that Brandon should be PS material a couple of weeks back. Now I'm sold that he's too good to expose and risk losing. He reminds me of Jason Avant, who is a FA at the end of the year.

Reggie just seems stuck in limbo. He's either a starter for us or has little value to us.

RE: Mays

I wondered about that as well. I think they'll keep him around, but he could be inactive a lot. Guys like Clemons and Babin can play on STs and have LB size/speed to fill those kind of roles on the coverage teams.

I won't be shocked if they cut Mays. He could go to the PS I think.

I do think they'd like to keep him.

T_S_O_P said...

PS would not be a bad place for Mays, we have kinda ruined him slightly this year. Too much too soon.

Under this scenario, who would you replace Mays with?

Tommy Lawlor said...

@ TSOP...

Not sure. I'd consider keeping Wilhelm as the backup SAM and moving Fokou to backup MLB.

I think Pago Togafau got cut the other day. He could be of interest.

I wonder if Ryan Fowler will get cut or is available in a trade.

Stephen said...

All aboard the Amendola express! If this was the '05 through '07 recieving core I think he would have been a lock to make the team.

T_S_O_P said...

@ Stephen

I'm all for DanAm. However, he won't make the team above Gibson, therefore should he make the team, of our 6 WRs, 3 would be rookies. If he makes our PS, he is the type of player I can see being activated before the season is done.

T_S_O_P said...

@ Tommy

No love for Tank? His ST play has been above adequate, though he seems a bit of a waste of a physical specimen at LB.

Cliff said...

I really wish we'd find a back-up OL who could instinctively long-snap. I just hate wasting a roster spot on a LSer when we could use the extra spot for a WR, DT, or TE.

I say "waste" a roster spot, but I know that LS is a very important job. It just seems like somewhere along the way an OL could be able to do it AND back-up his position.

Maybe Klecko can LS. KIDDING!

T_S_O_P said...

@ Cliff

McGlynn can long snap, he did so for his entire collegiate career as a Panther. What he can't do is race down the field and cover after doing so, well not as well as Dorenbos anyway.

Cliff said...

That's something I failed to consider about LSers. They do have to get up and run down field on punts.

I still think it's odd we don't see too many double-duty LSers. Same with kickers/punters. These are VERY important positions and aspects of the game, but can a kicker really not learn how to punt? It would be my guess that kickers have punted and punters have kicked at some point in their football lives.

Again, I know I'm over-simplifying their positions. I just wish we could find a way to keep an extra WR or an extra DT without cutting some good players.

The NFL really should expand roster sizes. That way, teams could afford to truly develop players. Too often a guy comes in from college, has talent, but can't break through in the small window of opportunity he gets.

T_S_O_P said...

Hey Cliff

I just looked at KC Chiefs depth chart and their back up LS is some kid call Studebaker!

Cliff said...