Sunday, September 6, 2009

DT Added


Jeff McLane has a report up that says the player we signed is DT Antonio Dixon.

Dixon, 6'3, 322, played at the University of Miami. He wasn't a regular starter in his career. Here is a simple scouting report on him from his time in college:

Massive DT with some potential. He is strong enough to shed blocks and make plays. Doesn't consistently play up to his size or ability. Finished his career with only 8.5 TFLs.

Dixon has NFL size and strength. He is a good fit for the 2-gap style we've used the last couple of years. I didn't study him in preseason action this summer. Dixon did have 8 tackles for the Redskins.

Here is some info from Dixon after a preseason game where he had 4 TFLs:

Dixon led the defensive line with five tackles, four of which were for losses. Skolnitsky had Washington's only sack, two tackles and drew a holding penalty, prompting a slew of text messages from family and friends as well as his college position coach.

"It was just one game, but it was against a real good O-line," said Dixon, who returned Tuesday afternoon after missing the morning practice with back spasms. "Everybody in our locker room came up to me after the game and told me I stepped up big."

But only after almost collapsing from exhaustion on the first series of the second half. The Ravens held the ball for 5:22 and 13 snaps. With Lorenzo Alexander out with an abdominal strain, the coaches left the 24-year-old Dixon in for the entire 89-yard drive.

"Antonio did a real nice job, but... he could not have played a full game," coach Jim Zorn said. "He was totally exhausted. [After the] long drive, he came off, but [he and] the field goal team had to go back on, and you should have seen the look on his face."

Zorn was pleased to see the 6-foot-3, 322-pound Miami graduate chugging alongside the quarterbacks in wind sprints after practices since the Baltimore game.

"You love to see guys that are coachable and when you make a correction... very soon after that, the guy gets it," Zorn said.

Dixon is a project, but he's got upside. I've wanted the Eagles to add a big DT for years to be part of the rotation. I know some fans think you need massive guys as the starters. That isn't the case. I do like having one on the roster to mix in on occasion. It also helps to practice against a guy like that.


Cliff said...

At least we didn't trade a 1st round pick for an over-the-hill DT...

Cliff said...

So Brandon Gibson was back home in Washington and didn't even realize the Eagles kept him on the roster until speaking with his agent. I assume he was back home to see his alma mater play their season opener.

Well, bad news, Washington State just reported an outbreak of swine flu - possibly 2000 students could be infected.

I say cut Gibson now as a precautionary measure before H1N1 spreads to our whole offense.

Can you tell how serious I am?

orangecrush007 said...
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orangecrush007 said...

why haven't Ikewoundou and Bryan Smith been added to the practice squad? I hate wasting 3rd and 4th picks for nothing. Are they not eligible?

Smith was a reach from the get go in the 3rd round and for them to give up on him after only 2 years is very disdainful.

T_S_O_P said...

There was some thought that Ike wasn't because he spent last year on IR, however as Gibson, who also spent last season on IR, has been named to the PS, there is no reason why Ike hasn't.

Cliff said...

Is it possible either play has been claimed by another team? I have no clue how that process works.

rick said...

It's possible The Iguana has less value to the Eagles because everyone on the team can afford to buy their own X-Box.

rick said...

Oops! Ike's back on the PS. Free XBox's for everyone!

Stephen said...

Bryan Smith really sharted the sheets this preseason, I can't believe the way he did literally nothing this preseason compared to being so disruptive last season.

Ike didn't really show anything either to be honest, I'm having trouble envisioning that "first round talent" I heard a lot about.

Stephen said...

Ah I just noticed, we rounded out the practice squad with 4 more players, one of whom was Ikegwuonu.

T_S_O_P said...


Look at Buck in '06 when he was returning from a knee injury which occured in May '05 compared to a fully fit Buck in '07 and '08. I don't believe he is fully mobile yet.

I'm sure that is not the only reason.

Cliff said...

Another thing to consider with Jack is that this was his 1st Training Camp and first preseason in the league. He was essentially a rookie. Since when do we give up on high draft picks after just 1 season?

izzylangfan said...

When they don't show enough to keep them.