Tuesday, September 1, 2009

More Info on Jets Game


Big Red spilled some more beans about Thursday's game. He announced the starting OL, which I found interesting:

LT King Dunlap
LG Mike Gibson
OC Mike McGlynn
RG Paul Fanaika
RT Winston Justice

The guy that really surprises me is Fanaika at RG. I've not been impressed with him. I didn't think he was a good fit for us coming out of ASU. Paul is a good run blocker, but struggles in pass pro. I guess the coaches feel different. I guess it's possible that Fenuki Tupou is simply being kept on the left side. He has gotten better in the last couple of games as he's adjusted to the NFL.

Justice at RT is still up in the air. He could get cut this weekend or be the starting RT in the season opener. Shawn Andrews is getting better and might be on track to start vs CAR, but you never know with his back. A bad game by Justice might be enough to end his time in Philly. A terrific showing could secure him a spot.

Dunlap has probably locked up a roster spot. He shows LT potential. McGlynn is a lock. He is versatile and could be a valuable backup. Gibson hasn't impressed me all that much this year. He's been "okay", but guys like Mike need to step up to win a spot.


The big spot that Reid talked about as being wide open is FS. He has Quintin Demps, Macho Harris, and even Sean Jones battling for the starting job. Demps is the front runner, but he needs a good game to keep hold of the spot.


* Omar Gaither hurt his ankle and won't be playing against the Jets. Some reports had him missing practice on Tuesday, but Reid didn't mention him. Joe Mays will start the Jets game at MLB.

* The roster moves were no surprise. Stewart Bradley and Cornelius Ingram were put on IR. OT Chris Patrick was cut on Monday. Tuesday's cuts were S Brandon Harrison and LB Charleston Hughes.


Captain Enterprise said...

Justice cut? Who would play left tackle of Sean couldn't go?

Stephen said...

Justice I can't see getting cut, unless they feel that they're really 4 deep at RT already with both Andrews brothers, Herremans and Dunlap. I really haven't been impressed at all with Mcglynn, versatility or not.

orangecrush007 said...

I think they are putting those 5 guys out there and telling them, if you give up a sack you are out. Put a little pressure on them and see who's a man or a mouse.

izzylangfan said...

Was Omar Gaither always listed as the first team MLB on the Eagles depth chart, because he is now?

shlynch said...

Why isn't MJG playing? Should I be surprised by that?

orangecrush007 said...

Gilles and Nick Cole both have roster spots. These 5 guys have a chance at the last 3 roster spots.

rick said...

Tommy, is too much made of learning the complex D schemes of the Eagles as opposed to just playing instinctive, "down hill" football? Last year Joe Mays knocked everyone's socks off with his instinctive play but is floundering this year, this year Mucho Macho Man is threatening to steal the FS job despite being a rookie because of his instinctive play. At the end of the day, how do the coaches weigh the importance of each element when handing out starting assignments?