Monday, September 14, 2009

Game Review is Posted


It was a pleasure to check out this game. Here's the DGR:

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I was very impressed with McDermott and the defense. The OL stood out more on tape than I expected. Lots of stuff to be happy about.

I don't have any updates on Donovan's situation. No real new info is leaking out quite yet. I'm gonna put together a post on him for a bit later. I need to do some research and thinking for that.


Dawk led Denver with 11 tackles yesterday. Buck ran for 46 yds. Lito had a pick for the Jets. Remember, we want him to do well. The better Lito plays, the more likely we are to get a good pick.


Did anyone watch the GB/CHI game? The Packers RT was atrocious. He made Winston Justice look like a HOF'er. Runyan ought to be calling the Packers up. Watch BUF tonight on MNF. The Bills have some interest in Jon.



Cliff said...

I had interest in the CHI-GB game because Rodgers is my FF quarterback. Oh God! The Packers OL took an accurate, rocket-arm QB and turned him in to Koy Detmer. Fortunately, the Eagles D racked up nearly 40 FF points. I love this time of year.

Tommy Lawlor said...

I was happy to see Jay Cutler struggle. Talented kid, but a little too cocky for my liking. Some humble pie will do him good.

izzylangfan said...

I felt that Denver deserved what they got from Cutler. The new guy comes right in and shows no respect for the franchise QB right off the bat. At the same time Cutler showed himself to be a true prima donna. Maybe we can cross Chicago off the list as true challengers in the NFC.

rick said...

Thanks for the rundown Tommy. Stranded up here in upstate NY - the game was scheduled to be shown on Fox and instead they show Dallas/Tampa Bay. Would have loved to see the game. Only play I saw during halftime highlights was Djax's amazing run back PR. Guy FLEW! Nice to see our defense pick up where they left off from last season and then some. Also, nice to see Dawk get off to a good start.

Tommy Lawlor said...

@ Izzy...

I saw your earlier question about defensive adjustments. I need to re-check the game to comment about that. I was focused on the players a lot and didn't always think in terms of Xs and Os.

Cliff said...

I hope the Eagles beat the Saints next week because the East is going to eat eachother alive, even if - when it's all said and done - they deserve 3 teams in the playoffs. The North, West and South all picked up where they left off.

Stephen said...

Jay Cutler is the new Brett Favre, the exciting "gunslinger" who makes too many mistakes that kill his team. I loved Brett Favre when we played him in Green Bay, he certainly helped us win that 2003 playoff game.

I was surprised you were so critical of WJ, I thought he played a mostly solid game. I guess my expectations were just so collassally low that I was actually pleasantly surprised that he didn't single handedly lose us the game :).