Thursday, September 3, 2009

Postgame Wrap


I haven't re-watched the game. These are my initial reactions.

* OL --- For much of the game we had several rookies on the field (Tupou, Fanaika, Reynolds). Mike Gibson played a fair amount. Mike McGlynn got lots of snaps at RT, not his ideal position. The blocking was sloppy and that hurt the skill players all game long.

Rex Ryan seemed to rush at least 5 guys most of the game. He mixed in a few elaborate blitzes. That really gave our blockers (OL+TEs+RBs) a lot to deal with.

* Mike Vick --- Ugly game, overall. He executed the option well and ran for a TD. That was nice. He looked good running Wildcat type plays.

That's all well and good, but his time as the QB was brutal. Very rusty. Mike was slow to make reads. He wasn't accurate or on time with the ball. He didn't handle pressure well. He seemed indecisive. His QB rating of 29.7 didn't even take into account his 2 fumbles.

Listen, I expected some of this. Donovan looks rusty when he goes from mid-June to Training Camp without playing. Vick hadn't played true QB for a couple of years. My problem is just that Vick looked worse than I expected.

His role here is mostly going to be as a Wildcat QB, something he can handle at this point. I'd be lying, though, if I didn't say I was disappointed by what I saw of him at QB.

* Kevin Kolb --- Solid game. He was 8-16-110, 1TD. I thought he threw the ball well and showed some arm strength. He threw a deep ball early in the game and Maclin got a PI call on some CB named Lito Sheppard. Kolb was up and down with how he handled pressure. At times he was too jittery. Kevin missed on a couple of key throws. The missed TC/PS time hasn't helped him.

* Sav Rocca --- Bad game. Short punts gave the Jets good field position a few times.

* Tony Curtis --- Good game. Caught 4 passes for 40 yds and a TD. I'd love him as our #3 TE. If we can't work out a trade I might be able to live with him as our backup. That's certainly not ideal, but Tony is big and has blocking ability. He looked good as a receiver vs the Jets.

* Brandon Gibson --- Good game. Caught 4 balls for 45 yds. Doesn't play like a rookie. Polished player. If only he were a bit more athletic.

* Danny Amendola --- Good game. Had a 31-yd reception. Showed good RAC skills on the play. Had 3 rushes for 21 yds. He's quick and elusive. Showed some strength as he broke tackles. Lacks speed and that will likely keep him off any rosters for this year.

* Eldra Buckley --- Didn't do anything to stand out, but had a solid enough game to keep the #3 RB job.

* Lorenzo Booker --- Bad game. Bad on STs. Offensive highlight was an 11-yd run. Just doesn't play with any sense of desperation. Have fun in Siberia.

* Moise Fokou --- Tackled very well. Led the team with 9 stops. Solid showing.

* MLB --- I was unimpressed with Joe Mays and Matt Wilhelm. Was Danny Woodhead paying them off?

* Jason Babin --- Had a sack. Looked okay.

* Jack Ikegwuonu --- Gave up a long TD to WR. Did pick off a batted ball. Might have gotten lucky because of Dmitri Patterson's injury.




Stephen said...

I'm glad I wasn't the only one who wasn't caught up in the Vick hype that Herm and Hugh were bathing us in during the broadcast. At the very least the wildcat was a little bit better this game than last. I'm still not convinced he's going to make a big impact on this season.

On a completely unrelated note, hows that Mitchell guy the raiders took in the 2nd round doing? I remember everyone had him listed as the most collossal reach in modern history, but if he ends up being a good player it could turn out to be a stroke of genious rather than insanity. Which way is it looking so far?

Joe said...

I watched the game on NFL ntwrk and had it on mute the entire time...I didn't think Vick looked completely terrible. I don't know if I was expecting him to look bad and so I wasn't surprised or what...I thought he showed flashes of greatness and flashes of poopyness...about what I'd expect his first time at QB to look like.

rick said...

I agree that Mike Vick, except for a few plays, looked awful. Sean Jones looked pretty bad too. On the plus side, Tony "Don't call me Strangler" Curtis looks like a good pick-up and Kolb for the most part has reassured me that he's a suitable back-up. Also, Brandon Gibson really impressed me - he might be our 5th best WR!

Do you think all the reps McGlynn got at RT is a bad omen for Mr. Justice?

izzylangfan said...

Vick was never really a great pocket passer. He was a running quarterback. Well, he can still run and he will get better. But he still needs to learn how to play quarterback. Since he didn't now before it is going to take a while.

I can't remember a preseason where we saw so little from both the offense and the defense. Are we sure the Eagles are a good team?

Cliff said...

Kolb look really good against the Jets' 1st team D. That's a relief and for that reason, I'm not ready to fall off a cliff over Vick's passing woes. It didn't help that he was back-peddling on every throw. Did our back-up, back-up OL even care last night?

Also, glad to see the 3rd RB spot decided upon. It's clearly Buckley's job now. We'll be seeing him make ST's tackles all season long. Good for him.

This game does leave us with more difficult decisions - Gibson played very well, Babin was steady, and Klecko was in on a lot of plays.

Ian said...

Lay off vick already, The o-line he had was completely horrible! No time at all why do you think AJ came in? And when he was in what was the result? Same thing right...

vick could of atleast had 1 TD pass, gibson only had 1 foot in bounds guess he still thinks it's college, and maclin made a poor attemt and catching the pass in the back of the endzone or atleast not letting the DB catch it. Amendola also dropped a vick bomb on the sidelines, although he was doubled on the play he still had it in his hands.

orangecrush007 said...

On Vick, It seems he gets desperate and jumpy in that pocket. He seems to chuck the ball deep and outside instead of looking in the middle of the field. I dont trust him to replace Donovan and I would only use him as a Wildcat QB at this point.

That option they ran twice will be really nice when it is Desean Jackson as the outside pitch man. Defenses will be scared.

orangecrush007 said...

Ian, lay off Vick? what do you think we are being personal. We watched the game and when he was under center he was not good. PERIOD.

I thought Buckley looked really good running those short yardage situations. I think they are going to bring him in goalline situations.