Friday, September 4, 2009

Game Review is Posted


I re-watched the Jets game and got my thoughts posted.



Anthony Gargano was reportedly saying that the Eagles would send Reggie Brown and AJ Feeley to the Pats for a TE, Alex Smith. Seems like a steep price to pay. Reggie can start and AJ's a good backup.

Something is probably in the works for the Pats. They cut backup QB Andrew Walter today. I have been checking with sources for any bits of info, but nothing is out there right now.

I do feel better after seeing Tony Curtis last night. If we keep him and deal for a TE that position could actually turn out to be quite good.

I know MLB and FS are still a concern to some people. Gaither can be an adequate starter in the middle. FS is more of a mystery. We have to see how the young guys do. Sean Jones is a non-factor after last night.

The OL is still a bit up in the air. If Shawn Andrews is good for the opener we may be okay. If Winston Justice is hurt bad, the team could look around for another RT to sign as insurance. Jon Runyan is everyone's first thought, but he would likely want to play and not just be an insurance policy. I'll report whatever I hear as soon as I get some scoops for you guys.


Matt said...


I have a question for you on our punt returner possibilities. DeSean is likely out due to his increase offensive role. Amendola is likely cut. It sounds like you have been more impressed with Maclin's performance than I have been.

Any thoughts on why Macho hasn't had a chance to return punts (or maybe he has and I missed it)? I'm sure the Eagles really want Maclin to win that job so they are giving him every opportunity and I'm ok with that.

I guess because I haven't been impressed with Maclin, I'm just trying to think of what the other options might be.

Prem Prakash said...

I may be foolish here, but I've often wondered about holding out a guy like Westy, and now perhaps DeSean, from being the pr. Is the risk of injury really that high? The Eagles occassionaly used Brian as a returner, when they were despirate, and it was always exciting because the threat of him taking it to the house was present. I wonder if the reward:benefit ratio would make it worth alternating the two guys. Even if they were winded from a big return, they could sit out a couple snaps. Can someone educate me about the Eagles thinking here?

Adam said...

Lenord Pope was released by the cards he a possibiliy at TE???

Cliff said...

Macho might be out too, if he ends up our starting FS. I think Sean Jones is in danger of being cut and Demps was just normal.

I think Leonard Pope is worth a look. He's not a blocker by any means, but he's a freaking tree. Is he really not able to be a red zone presence? I think he's listed at 6'7".

Tommy Lawlor said...


I think we'll go with DeSean. He's a dynamic guy. You want to feed the ball to those guys as much as possible.

PR is much safer than KOR. Punts start with everyone in a formation and getting blocked early. KOs are guys who get a 50 yd run as they attack the returner.

I think Hobbs should be the KOR. He's really good there.

I think Macho got some reps at PR in the camps, but they wanted him to concentrate on D and ended that idea.

Demps last year had a great RS resume from college. Macho was good, but nowhere near Demps.

RE: Leonard Pope

I'll pass. He's never really impressed me.

rick said...

Oh no! No mo Lobo?! Ho ho ho.

Cliff said...

But we could run a big set with Pope and the "Bishop" in the backfield. Of course, Pope would get blown up, as he is clearly too tall to get any sort of leverage on a DL or LB, but it would be cool.

Tommy Lawlor said...

@ Cliff...

Sign Priest Holmes and find a Deacon and I'm on board with you.

Stephen said...

You know Tommy, you were pretty confident Matt Schoebel was on his way out last year too weren't you? Lobo might just hang on... ;).

I was going to ask about Leanard Pope but you seem pretty turned off by him. I'd be lying if I didn't say I was impressed by Tony Curtis. The guy just looked like a TE. Got a step of seperation over the middle, catch the pass, take a step or two and get tackled. Thats what TE's do. Unless they're freaks like Antonio Gates or Kellen Winslow. He just looked the part.

Maclin hasn't impressed me much in any phase of the game, I'm really surprised by how much slower he looks than I had imagined. The impression I got when we drafted him was that he was a bit of a burner, but he looks very average speed wise.

Add Bryan Smith to the growing list of disappointments from this summer. Him and Joe Mays could write a book about how to take a huge step back after your rookie year.

I love Amendola, I don't care about his deep speed, Wes Welker doesn't have anything even close to deep speed but he makes it work, because he has quickness and elusiveness. I call right now that Amendola is part of a teams roster this year, I think it would be crazy not to have someone with his versatility and obvious RAC ability on a roster somewhere.

I like Brandon Gibson too, just seems like real solid backup material, I'm just not sure we can fit him on the team. I think this years WR's are going to be the most interesting cut/keep situation I've seen in a long time.