Sunday, September 13, 2009

Gameday - CAR


Just some random thoughts today...

Kickoff will be here shortly. Exciting time of the year. I normally have a nightmare the week of the opener where I somehow sleep through the game. That didn't happen this year so that pretty much guarantees we'll go undefeated and win the SB.

No matter what happens I'm glad the real games are here. We've had to speculate since March about what the new players might or might not do. Now we get to see 'em in action.

Victor Abiamiri will be important today. He's a good run defender at LDE. We'll need him to help control the edge and make some tackles.

Can Brodrick Bunkley make the jump from good player to great player? I don't think Bunk has the potential to ever be at the Albert Haynesworth level, but I do think Bunk can be a top flight DT. He's a power guy and those players normally take a few years to learn how to play.

How good will DeSean be this year? He impressed the heck out of us last year, but was still learning. Now Peanut knows what he's doing. The sky is the limit for him. I hope his talent is matched by a desire to be great.

Everyone gets on Andy for opening day losses. This is flawed. Andy lost 4 of his first 5 openers. Things have changed. We've won 2 of the last 3 and 3 of the last 5. Go back to the early struggles. We lost in AR's first game to the Cards. We lost to STL the year they went 14-2 and played in the SB. We opened the next season with a loss to TEN, who was coming off a SB loss. We lost in '03 to the defending SB champs, Tampa. We just weren't good in the Cards loss, but the other games came against some damn good teams.

The first play of the game should be a pass to Westy in the flat. Let him get loose.

I think Macho Harris makes a key play today. He might be a rookie, but he doesn't play like it.

Carolina has won some early season games in tight fashion the last few years. If this game is close in the final minutes they have the advantage. They won't believe they can win. They'll know they can win.

Dallas will blow out Tampa. The Giants will win an ugly game with WAS.


Tommy Lawlor said...

INACTIVES --- The Eagles released their inactives for today's game against the Panthers. They are: WR Brandon Gibson, S Sean Jones, LB Joe Mays, T Shawn Andrews, C Mike McGlynn, G Todd Herremans, WR Reggie Brown and DE Jason Babin.

The Eagles did not designate a third quarterback.

Andrews (back), Mays (shoulder) and Herremans (foot) are injured and out.

Tommy Lawlor said...

Sean Jones is the big surprise on the inactive list. The team wants Dimitri Patterson on the field as a gunner more than Sean as a STer and backup S. That's not good for him.

Sean isn't helping himself. He is here on a 1-year deal. He needed to win a starting job and play well. Sean hasn't stood out at all this summer.

Cliff said...

It's so strange to see someone like Reggie Brown INACTIVE on game day. We have come so far at the WR position.

Tommy Lawlor said...

We also have DT Antonio Dixon active. I actually overlooked him not being inactive.

Dixon won't play a lot, but it will be a hot day. Why not have a 4th DT to add to the mix? Especially one that is a run stuffer. Interesting move.

Tommy Lawlor said...

Sloppy start for both teams. CAR has burned a couple of timeouts. They've had 2 penalties. The Eagles have had a costly facemask penalty and then Sammie missed a tackle on 3rd down.

Tommy Lawlor said...

More sloppiness. Drop by Celek and then a penalty on Demps. This is pretty frustrating.

Tommy Lawlor said...

TD for VA!!!