Saturday, September 12, 2009

More on the Game - CAR


One problem we had quite a bit last year was slow starts by Donovan McNabb and the offense. Donnie was just flat out erratic at the beginning of some games, especially around midseason. The offense got a lot more consistent down the stretch when Andy Reid cut down on using WR packages and ran the ball a bit more.

Big Red is still gonna have us slinging the ball a lot, but you wonder if any of last year's lessons and the makeshift OL will change his mindset at all. Reid does make some adjustments each season. Last year Reid focused on pass protection more than any other season. He knew the aging OTs needed some help. That was a smart move by AR and it did help our blocking.

We are a passing team. We'll always be a passing team. If we just mix in 3 or 4 more runs that would be good change. The OL we added are better run blockers than pass blockers. We added a good Fullback. The Michael Vick signing was done for the running game, not the passing game. Offenses usually are at their best when the RBs get a lot of touches. I'll be very happy if we feed the ball to Westy and Shady, especially early in the game. I don't care if it is passes or runs. Get those guys involved. Get a good flow and hopefully McNabb will get in a good rhythm and play well from the start.

It would behoove us to score points early. When Carolina is ahead or close they can run the ball as much as they want. If you get a 10 point lead or more that puts some pressure on them and forces Jake Delhomme to throw more. That helps us out. Carolina has a good OL, but those guys are better run blockers than pass protectors. We have an advantage if they have to go away from the run game and we can turn our DL loose.


This was a strange offseason. That carried into the preseason and things stayed odd. Now we have the regular season. Veteran teams can usually flip the switch when Week 1 rolls around. We were very sloppy in the preseason. There were a ton of penalties and oddball mistakes. That stuff will kill you in real games. I think our guys will be fine, but there is some uncertainty due to the changes we've made and the injury situation.

* Will Macho play well at FS?

* Will there be a big drop-off from Disco Stew to Omar?

* How will Sean McDermott handle being the Defensive Coordinator?

* Can Winston Justice be a functional RT?

* How good will the OL be overall?

* Is Westy back to his old self? Is he ready to play?

* How healthy is Kevin Curtis?

* How will Ted Daisher do as STs coach?

Big Red is a very good coach. Donnie Mac is a very good QB. We have a lot of talent in place and a pretty high character team. That's why I'm still optimistic about this team and have high expectations for the year. Sunday will be a good test.


Adam said...

Is it a bad idea to go to sleep at 4 in the afternoon?? I just want to go to sleep so I can wake up to some god damn Eagles football....

Cliff said...

I'm probably the only fan who does NOT want to see the Eagles run more. I'm a Hokie, which means I see a 70-30 run/pass ration every Saturday. I look forward to the opposite on Sundays.

Be a rock, Andy. Be. A. Rock.

Baloophi said...

Are you going to the game, Tommy? It's in your backyard, right?

Stephen said...

I feel like a kid on christmas eve. If we run a freakin flea flicker this game I'm going down to Carolina to strangle Andy myself.