Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday Stuff


There are no major stories to discuss right now so I'll go over each item in short fashion.

* Jeremy Maclin remains unsigned. Darrius Heyward-Bey has signed (first WR taken). Players around Maclin have signed. This should mean that the agent and team know the basic contract parameters. With no movement you have to start to wonder if his agent isn't using a weird mindset. Is he saying "Jeremy is better than the 19th pick and should be paid that way"? I sure hope that isn't the case. If so, that would be trouble. The Eagles don't give in to demands like that.

* The Eagles signed DT Willie Williams to eat up some practice reps. He was with the Rams, but got cut when they signed Hollis Thomas. Trevor Laws isn't practicing and we needed someone to get on the field. The starters weren't getting overworked, but rookie Jervonte Jackson was playing a lot. Williams is strictly a camp body at this point.

* RB Eldra Buckley has been getting good reviews after the first couple of days of TC. He's running hard. Apparently he's a more physical runner than some people expected. He's not the biggest guy in the world, but Buckley knows his job is on the line. His Practice Squad eligibility is up. He either makes the team or has to go get a real job. The horror, the horror.

* LeSean McCoy is still adjusting to pro football. He's figuring out that you can't bounce everything out wide. That was a bad habit of his at Pitt. He's learned that won't work in the NFL. Now we need to see if that lesson will stick. He's got to be more of a N-S runner. His blocking still needs a lot of work, but he is listening to the coaches and seems to understand how important it is. That's good enough at this point. We'll need to see some progress in the coming days.

RE: Injuries

The only reason I'm nervous about Shawn's injury is that it is his back. That ruined the 2008 season. It has given him some problems in the past. Backs can be tricky. If Shawn had an ankle or wrist injury I would not worry much at all. I haven't heard anything from behind the scenes. I'm just nervous about our stud lineman not being healthy. Hopefully he's back in a few days and this is all forgotten.

Macho's injury isn't serious, but high ankle sprains can linger. Macho wasn't projected to play extensively this year, but he might have turned out to be a good STer. ND Kalu was hampered by a high ankle problem all year long in 2001. With a good ankle he would have blocked that punt against the Rams...we'd have won that game and the SB...Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb would be considered gods because they brought 5 straight SB titles to Philly. That's the most logical conclusion in my book.


mcud77 said...

Perhaps Macho's injury will "linger" on through camp, and he'll just play through it, a la the King Dunlap situation last year. Then, they can IR him and see what they have in Hobbs and Ike.

Cliff said...

Speaking of Ike... is he getting any reps? I didn't notice his name mentioned in Bloghead, despite Asante being sidelined. I would think he'd see a little more action if everyone ahead of his is bumped up a spot, so to speak.

shlynch said...

I don't think Buckley's PS eligibility is up. He only has 2 years on the PS in SD, as far as I know. He is eligible for a third year.

Ian said...

hey i think PE messed up on the myster player working out in the other field, it was actually undrafted free agent Jesse Bowman, who also plays DT. Stupid dave :P

Cliff said...

I just watched's Training Camp Report and I have to say, I'm glad McCoy knows what he needs to improve. I'm sure the coaches have been hammering him with that stuff, but it was nice to see that it's registering with him.

Tommy Lawlor said...

RE: Jesse Bowman

The roster lists Willie Williams. I'm taking that as being official at this point.

RE: Ike

The reports so far say that he's done well at CB. I'm cautiously optimistic.

RE: Buckley / PS

I thought I had read his eligibility was up, but I certainly trust Lynch on matters of this nature.

Just don't listen to him if he asks for bank account info for this sweet Nigerian Prince money deal.

Stephen said...

I haven't gotten to watch as much TC video as I'd like but a couple things have stood out to me from what I've seen:

Eugene Bright looks very stiff and very raw. His blocking looked terrible and the one route I saw him run was very slow. I don't see how he makes the team unless he improves by leaps and bounds, which makes me very sad (schoebel, uggghhh).

Leonard Weaver is fast! Dude has some serious wheels and looked nasty in the blocking drills. I like what I see so far.

Mccoy has looked very solid catching the ball, fluid I think is a good word to describe him.

That Dallas Reynolds guy is really scrappy in the blocking drills. Not sure whether or not that somehow increases his odds of making the team, but at least its something to appreciate in a lineman.

orangecrush007 said...

Tommy check out my comment from April 29, 2009 2:26 PM concerning McCoy