Saturday, August 15, 2009

More Game Notes


I went back and re-watched the backups. Here are some additional notes:

Some additional notes:

Rob Myers --- Needs to play with better pad level. Rob is only 240 or so lbs. He's got to use good leverage when trying to block.

Mike Gibson --- Doesn't have great feet. Too often he'll stop moving and reach. Also had trouble anchoring. Got driven backward a couple of different times in pass pro.

Mike McGlynn --- Had one really fun moment. #91 came upfield as a rusher. Mike fired his hands out and knocked the crap out of the guy. I love OL that play with a nasty streak.


Chris Clemons --- I re-watched most of his snaps. Chris actually played better than I realized. One thing that hurt Chris was the lack of push up the middle. The QB was able to step up in the pocket on basically any play.

Omar Gaither --- Didn't play many snaps at all. Didn't look great when he was on the field. Went around a blocker on a run play and let the RB get inside. That is the kind of thing that got Omar benched last year. He's got to take on blockers, shed them, and get to the ball. Omar made a questionable tackle attempt on a receiver on a crossing route. He should have gone wide to make the stop, but got aggressive and went for the guy immediately. The player got away from the tackle. Omar did get good pressure on a blitz.

Matt Wilhelm
--- Solid game. Showed a nose for the ball. Doesn't always look great, but has a feel for how to slip blocks and twist and turn to get to the ball. Needs to work on his ability to take on and shed blocks.

Jack Ikegwuonu --- Didn't tackle well. I didn't get to see him in coverage as much as I'd like. Most comfortable when pressing. Has okay feet and athleticism.

Rashad Baker --- Looked like his tackling was sloppy. Didn't have great coverage on Moss on a pass play. Seemed like Baker should have focused on #81 on the play.

D. Patterson
- Played some slot as well as outside. Has pretty good feet. Quick. Mostly played off in coverage.

Sean Jones
- Big time hitter. Call him "Friendly Fire". Sean got big hits on teammates Joselio Hanson and D. Patterson.

Macho Harris - Had a real good play on 3rd/short. Got penetration and disrupted a run play in the backfield.


izzylangfan said...

If we didn't get any push up the middle (to help Clemmons or for any other purpose) does that say that Mike and Bunk are what they were last year? It seems that all the rush from the front four is going to come from the DE. But it sure helps everybody when the DT's close down the space.

rick said...

Thanks for the 'labor of love', as always...especially since I didn't get to see the game.

TMA05 said...
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T_S_O_P said...

Though he only returned 1 punt and 1 KR, how did DanAm look? Long term Maclin is not the answer, as he is destined to strike fear into the hearts of every CB in the league as Peanut's sidekick.

Both Peanut and Maclin have all the ability in the world as PRs, but it seems both are also going to throw up some heart stopping moments too. Mayube DanAm is the answer, a more athletically gifted Mahe if you will.

Cliff said...

T_S_O_P, Macho is being bothered by his ankle injury, but he's also got return skills. Hobbs was a very good returner in New England, too. I don't think that bodes will for DanAm.

Tommy Lawlor said...

RE: DT push

Most of Clemons reps came with the backup DTs (Willie Williams and Dan Klecko). We're really missing the presence of Trevor Laws.

RE: Danny Amendola

He could be a RS and backup WR. The best situation for him would be to spend this year on our PS to have some more seasoning. There will be turnover in the WR corps between now and next year. That would open a role for Amendola.

I did think Danny looked good on his catch, PR, and KOR. He's never going to be a star or anything like that, but he does have talent.

Stephen said...

I'm not especially disturbed by Clemons' lack of rush from the inside, if at some point this season we actually have to rely on our speed rusher shifting inside to play DT, I don't think we'll be in a position for a deep post season run anyhow.

Macho Harris is a player, he just looks the part out there. I love guys who play the game like they know what they're doing. Some people just seem like deer in headlights out there, more afraid of making a mistake than they are interested in making a play.

I wonder how much slack Jack Ike is gonna get for being away from football for so long? He's basically a rookie that hasn't played in 2 seasons, I'm curious if they're going to give him some time to come around.