Friday, August 7, 2009

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The Pats traded for former Eagle Derrick Burgess yesterday. They gave up a 3rd and 5th for him, according to the report I heard. What makes this interesting is that the Eagles tried to get him as well. They reportedly offered a 3rd round pick and a player.

Burgess won't make or break this team, but he would have been a nice addition. He would likely have meant the end for Juqua Parker. Burgess only had 3.5 sacks last year, but he's had some very good years in the past and still is talented. I am shocked that teams were willing to give up 3rd round picks for him. That caught me off guard.

Burgess was my favorite player in the entire 2001 draft class. I was ecstatic when the Eagles took him. Unfortunately things didn't work out so well in his time here. He rebounded with a great couple of years in Oakland. I would like to have seen him return to us.

This attempted move and the 4th round bid on Jeremy Jarmon absolutely tells you the Eagles feel uncertain about LDE and are going to keep looking for help. We might be okay with VA, Juqua, and Clemons, but the Eagles would love to add someone else to improve the situation.


RE: Jim Johnson

I didn't put him in yesterday's list of recent troubles. I have known for a while that Jim wouldn't be coming back. I was told by multiple sources that he was in a real bad way. I kept that quiet because the Eagles hadn't said anything publicly and I didn't want to bring the situation up for public discussion. I figured the Eagles were trying to do what Jim and his family wanted in terms of keeping the situation private.

The organization has been planning for Sean to run the defense for several months. I can only assume the players knew about this as well. Jim's passing was certainly tough on people emotionally, but it wasn't a complete shock to the people around the organization. Preparations had been made for this situation.

We certainly don't know how the defense will function this year. Sean will be a coordinator for the first time. We have some new faces. The upside to the situation is that the Eagles, Reid, and McDermott were able to prepare for this.

Finally, change isn't always a bad thing. Kurt Warner was a complete unknown when he took over for Trent Green and the Rams were able to win the SB. Jon Gruden replaced Tony Dungy and coached the Bucs to a SB win in his first year. Steve Spagnuolo took over the Giants defense in 2007 and was able to help them to win the SB. Change doesn't always work to be sure. We can see that from the Raiders and Redskins. There are times when a new player, coach, or coordinator proved to be key in a team taking the next step. We can only hope something like is true in our case.

RE: Optimism

I'm not sure what to think. Westy sounds to be on schedule. He's the key to the team as far as I'm concerned. McNabb is happy. DeSean is having a great TC and seems focused on becoming a great player. LeSean is doing and saying all the right things. The defense still has an awful lot of talent. We've heard a lot of good things about Quintin Demps. Also, Big Red is good at keeping the team focused on the big picture. The wheels didn't totally come off the bus in 2005 until we had Todd Herremans at LT, Mike McMahon at QB, Darnerian McCants at WR, and Ryan Moats at RB.

I still believe the Eagles are one of the best teams in the league. To be fair, part of that is due to the fact that I don't see a league full of juggernauts. As good as the Giants look in some places, I'm still not sold on that offense without Derrick Ward and Plaxico Burress. Those guys were really key players for them. Can they score in the Red Zone? We know Jacobs will miss a start or two. Is Ahmad Bradshaw the answer at RB?

RE: Weaver Fever

I saw that comment the other day and loved it. I'm not sure who originated that phrase, but that will get used regularly this year. Well done.


Prem Prakash said...

I'm in an optomistic mood, so here goes. The Eagles O, lead by an energized McNabb, should be lights out this year, as long as Westy is healthy. If that's the case, I think Weaver, Westbrook and McCoy can be a dynamic 3-headed monster. I am excited to see Leonard leading Brian through a hole and into enemy backfields. Plus, I think he could be a big part of a more successful 3rd down and RZ offense. Weaver Fever, indeed! I am also hopeful DeSean is going to have a huge, huge year. I'd be thrilled to see everyone on the line healthy right now, but I think the talent and size is there to patch something together in time for the season. I'm feeling so giddy I'll even stick my neck out and, gulp, say that Justice will show what the Eagles saw in him when they drafted him.

Finally, I don't think the supposed distractions at training camp are that big a deal. JJ's passing is hard, but I've got to believe the organization and players have seen the writing on the wall for awhile. The injury to Bradley was big, but injuries are part of the game. The Parker bust, Dawkins leaving, etc. will not be disruptive. The vets know what to do, the new guys are still learning the ropes anyway, and new leaders will emerge.

Stephen said...

Yeah I stole the Weaver fever off the EMB, can't remember who exactly it was that said that or if he was the original source either, but I loved it.

Desean hyperextended his knee today, doesn't sound very serious.

JP and Stacy Andrews also back at practice thats good news.

If we can get Shawn Andrews right we'll really be in business. In my mind he takes an already good group and just puts it over the top.

If the only injury we have to account for going into the season is plugging Mays in for Bradley and having OG come in in the nickle then I'll consider us extremely lucky the way this TC has been going.

T_S_O_P said...


Enough with the injuries alreay, this is as bad as England's efforts against the Aussies in the Ashes


The sky is falling in and my car is breaking down. This sucks.