Monday, August 10, 2009

Couple of Things


Both Kevin Kolb and Trent Cole left practice this morning with injuries. Cole had some kind of a wrist/forearm problem.


Quarterback Kevin Kolb and defensive end Trent Cole each left Monday morning's practice with injuries. Afterward, it was reported that Kolb has a left knee sprain and Cole has a left shoulder sprain. More details to follow.


Since the Eagles have a game coming up they had to release a depth chart. I'm not getting into every position because so many aren't worth discussing. I just want to highlight a couple of spots.

Moise Fokou is listed as the backup SLB. That's interesting. I had him pegged as a WLB. Obviously the Eagles have solid depth on the weakside with Jordan and Gaither. SLB is different. No one has emerged behind Gocong. My guess is that Fokou has shown enough that the Eagles want him to be a part of the backup defense. They'll see how he handles the spot and go from there.

Jeremy Maclin is listed on the #2 offense at WR. He and Reggie are the primary backups. I'm sure Hank Baskett isn't thrilled with that. I haven't heard much about Hank this summer, good or bad. We'll see how Maclin does in the games. If he struggles, you can bet that Hank will move back ahead of him.

VA is the #1 LDE. I'm not sure if that is a compliment to him or a slap at Juqua for his recent pot bust. Apparently Andy was pretty ticked about that. Not hard to believe.

Josh Gaines, the DE from Penn State, is listed at DT. Not important, but interesting.

LeSean McCoy is listed as the #2 RB. Excellent news. Shady has had a very good TC and the team is handling him right. I'm excited to see what he can do in the games. Did we finally get RB right? Is he this year's DeSean?



orangecrush007 said...

If I see McCoy break one outside around the edge then I will be sorely disappointed. If I see McCoy run every time between the tackles and gain 0 yards I will be excited.

Also the nickname Shady has a negative connotation. I think it should be dropped.

Tommy Lawlor said...

I am fine with LeSean taking some runs outside. Doing too much of anything is a bad thing. You need to hit the hole sometimes, cutback sometimes, and go wide sometimes.

Shady is a weird nickname, but he likes it. I can't think of a better one for now so I'll stick with that. Any suggestions from you guys?

orangecrush007 said...

How about "The Real" McCoy - if he doesnt try to run everything outside.

From Wikipedia :

"The real McCoy" is an idiom used throughout much of the English-speaking world to mean "the real thing"

Tommy Lawlor said...

The Real McCoy isn't bad.

I'm personally hoping to find a college QB named SeSean so that we can have the LSD offense of LeSean, SeSean, and DeSean. Those guys are so fast they'll leave you seeing trails. And smelling colors.

Jason said...

You mention the fact that Hank may not be happy with the depth chart, but at the same time Avant is also not listed as a 2nd team WR. Do you think the coaches/Avant view the slot position completely separately, thus it is a non-issue for Avant?

Tommy Lawlor said...

Avant is strictly a slot guy for us. He could play outside, but his true value is in the slot. His lack of speed becomes an issue when facing good CBs outside. In the middle of the field his quickness and route running work very well.

izzylangfan said...

I was sure the Eagles were going to draft or sign a total of two tight ends in this past off season. I like Tommy and many others figured -- Well, we have Celek and don't like Schobel so we need two more. It isn't rocket science. Then, the Eagles pass on rounds three and four in the draft to take a guy in round five who fell because everyone was worried about his injury history and a potential bad repair job. It is all a bit confounding. I guess the Eagles will survive. But what did they get in rounds two and three that was so good we couldn't draft an extra tight end somewhere and let them battle it out.

Generally, the Eagles have done a good job in managing depth. But for some odd reason they did overlook the TE. Schobel has 27 receptions in the last three years including only 2 last year when LJ was terrible and a number 3 who could catch a pass would have been a good asset. What exactly is it that the Eagles like so much in Schobel?

Stephen said...

I think the fact that Schoebel still plays in the NFL is a mystery to everyone.

Considering how badly we've been bitten by the injury bug this camp, I feel no remorse whatsoever over the misfortunate of the Carolina Panthers. Appearantly Steve Smith was carted off the field at camp today. Even if the injury isn't too serious, maybe it will be enough to keep him off the field in the season opener. The Panthers O without Steve Smith suddenly looks much less dangerous.