Monday, August 10, 2009

Eventful Monday


The updates on Kevin Kolb and Trent Cole are in. Kevin has an MCL sprain and will miss Thursday's game with the Pats. Cole has a shoulder joint sprain and will also miss the game. The players are day-to-day beyond that.

Having Kolb get hurt is the smaller problem in the long run, but it caused a problem for Thursday night. The plan was for McNabb to play a couple of series and then for Kolb and AJ Feeley to finish the game. Kevin's injury meant the Eagles needed to add a QB for the game. They decided to "sign" Matt Nagy. He'd been part of the team as a coaching intern. He has some knowledge of the offense. Nagy also has experience from his time in the Arena League.

All we need Nagy to do is play about a quarter and a half. Eat up some snaps. Run the offense in a functional way. Take the snap and hand the ball off. If we can pass the ball effectively that will be a big bonus. I do feel sorry for the 3rd team receivers because of this. Those guys aren't likely to get much of a chance to shine.


* I thought Dan Klecko had a lock on the #4 DT spot. Not so I'm told by a source. Willie Williams and Josh Gaines each are making a run at that spot. Klecko needs to pick up the pace.

* DE Bryan Smith needs to really come alive in the preseason games.

* Stacy Andrews mentioned that he will start getting some reps at RT. That's good. If Shawn's back is a problem, we need Stacy to be able to move outside. We have a slew of solid OGs.

* Jason Peters got some work in practice. Hopefully he'll play some on Thursday and we can see where he's at. We sure need him back on the field.

* The Eagles are taking a look around the league to see what is available at TE. No hints on any specific targets at this point.

* Two guys to keep an eye on in the game are LoBo and Eldra Buckley. We're two deep at RB, but behind them is a major mystery. Those guys will be judged on running, blocking, and catching. Big night for them.


* ESPN writer Matt Moseley visited Lehigh and posted some thoughts.


Adam said...

If any of you have a fantasy league on it allows you to look at every teams "depth chart" at any given skill position on offense. Most notably TE. As i was looking through at some names on teams that had a surplus a few popped out at me. what do you think of the following tommy. Now I should mention i don't know much about any of these guys except for the names.

-Kris Wilson SD, he was around all last training camp so he has a grasp of the scheme here, unlike any other player that will come in he is ahead of the curve. Still don't know what he did to allow Schobel to beat him out last year.

-NYG have 4 TE's that I don't see how they keep all 4 on the 53. Boss, Matthews, Beckum are all locks for the most part but what about Darcy Johnson?

-according to the site Quinn Sypniewski had been waived by the Ravens, did you not talk about him this offseason?? wasnt he a RFA or something like that.

Adam said...

correction, Sypniewski is on bad the fantasy site was misleading.