Friday, August 21, 2009

Game Review is Posted


Here it is:

DGR - Preseason Loss to Colts

I am also putting it on the EMB.

Some players did well, but the overall team performance wasn't good. Andy will not be happy with these guys. Too many mistakes.



Stephen said...

Haha, I had forgotten about the Amendola fumble. If you watch the replay its actually Lorenzo Booker who knocks it loose.

Ellis Hobbes I think is our best bet at KR right now. He has lots of ability in that area, and wouldn't be a starter like Demps is.

fyzx guy said...

could Hobbs get cut?

He doesn't even look like the fifth best corner out there.

rick said...

I think it's unlikely Hobbs will get cut if only because we gave up 2 draft picks to get him. I think they'll keep him for kick returns and as CB insurance. But how many days does Lobo have left.....?