Friday, August 14, 2009

Game Review is Posted


I put it on the EMB and at Scouts Notebook.


I'm a little rusty, like the team. You forget how much goes into these things until you start doing them again. Labor of love.



Stephen said...

In defense of the Mays play with the pass to Moss over the middle, Brady even faked me out at home, I honestly thought he handed off the ball for a second. I wish Donnie would take notes, he never seems to put much effort into his play fakes. Mays did look like he has some speed in pass coverage, definitely not stiff and slow like Trotter was. I think with some experience he could be a starting caliber guy.

Maclin definitely has potential, but he's not as fast as I thought he would be. Desean is definitely more of a burner. He has great open field moves, you can see how his experience as a PR and in the spread translates.

I too was shocked at how well Winston Justice played. He wasn't a great player by any stretch but wow, I suddenly feel like maybe we can plug him in as an injury substitute or something and be ok.

IMO the MVP by far was Mccoy. I thought he looked phenominal. He was running against the #1 Pats defense behind a veritable MASH OL and making everyone look good. It always counts more when its with/against the #1's. He had a couple of runs in tight quarters and picked his way into some creases for nice runs, and I think he showed a little bit of power too, which I was not expecting. I was very pleased that he looked fluid on the screen pass since thats such a part of our attack. His pass protect also looked very solid. I am extremely excited about what Mccoy brings to the table.

I was kind of disappointed that guys like Smith and Clemons didn't get more pressure, but our main sack guy Darren Howard didn't really do anything either. Once again it looks like the pass rush from the front 4 is going to be our D's achilles heel. Trent Cole can only solve so much of that.

Macho Harris just looks like a player. Some people just seem to know what they're doing out there, and Macho is one of those guys. I think he'll have a hold on a roster spot by the end of the PS if he stays healthy.

Matt Wilhelm had a really nice play somewhere I think in the 2nd quarter, it was a run up the middle that looked like it was going for at least 8. Matt came up and absolutely clobbered the lead blocker, then came off the block and made the tackle for only a 3 yard gain. When you can stop a lead blocker with steam cold, and then make the tackle too its very impressive. I think he'll be a good veteran backup.

Again a surprising player here was Lorenzo Booker. Not only did he have that sensational grab along the sidelines, but he looked decent running the ball, and I'm not sure if you noticed but he even held his own in pass protection too. Buckley is still ahead in my personal depth chart, but if I'm another coach looking for RB depth out there, I'm taking notice of what Booker is doing right now.

Lastly, both Brady and Donovan looked very slow out of the gate, but both Andrew Walter and AJ Feeley jumped right in and looked like their never was an offseason. Kind of bizarre.

izzylangfan said...

Excellent review of last nights game. Sorry for the cheap shot in my earlier post, you didn't deserve it. But I had to make my point. Nobody really deserves much criticism yet since Vick was just signed last night. However, I am concerned that the press will be obsessed to the exclusion of football.

izzylangfan said...

Nobody I know ever saw Kolb play as well as Feely played last night. The same was true when I was at the early days training camp last year. Feely had the rhythm of waiting for the TE's to uncover and could throw before the WR's were open but just in time for them to accelerate past their coverage. Kolb looked totally lost and out of rhythm. Sure Kolb eventually looked OK in the preseason games last year while Feely struggled with the threes. I guess Reid and company are a better judge of football talent than I but I sure would like to see it for myself.

So if they cut Feely due to the acquisition of Vick, when does that happen?. If Vick is not eligible until week 6 does that mean that he doesn't take up a roster spot until he is activated to play. So we need a third quarterback until that point.

If Kolb is still the number two quarterback, then do we want to pay $5 million plus for a third string quarter back and a few wild cat plays next year. I doubt it. My guess is that the Eagles want to rehabilitate Vick to starting quality and then trade him to a team that needs a true number 1 QB next year. Especially since he never realy learned how to be a pocket passer in Atlanta. Maybe those guys in Philly know how to train a real quarter back. Wouldn't starting QB Michael Vick be worth at least a first round pick?

Cliff said...

What the hell is this team going to do at RB and WR? I hope there's real separation at the bottom of the depth chart in these next couple of games because I've got no clue as to who gets cut and who doesn't. For example, Brandon Gibson looks like he really might challenge for a spot on the roster, not just the Practice Squad. Buckley, a guy I really didn't care about before T.C. now looks like our 3rd RB.

Compounding the problem now is how Vick gets a spot. We can't keep 4 RB's and 6 WR's and 4 QB's.

Cliff said...

One more thing... Macho is in my Fav 5. I've always been impressed by his character, so it's all the more special that he's playing well.

Holy crap, we've got 2 Hokies on the team now. Yay.

Cliff said...

Andy Reid did not sign Vick and invite another media circus to town just to trade him a year later.

Besides, he won't play nearly enough as a QB to merit a 1st round pick in a trade. Think about it: Matt Cassell was only worth a 2nd rounder and he had a much larger, much more recent body of work.

Stephen said...

People will always be intruiged by Vicks athleticism though, forgetting as usual that a quarterback has to be able pass effectively before any kind of scrambling ability can be deadly. Vick was at his best a middle of the road passer, who could win you games by making some plays but he never was the threat he would be if people feared him as passer. People will overpay valuing his "playmaking" ability, neglecting the fact that he struggles with things like timing routes and anticipating throws. By all means I invite some team to fall in love with the fact that he can make big plays scrambling and overpay for him.

Personally I feel he's at least a year out from being anywhere near where he was in the '06 season, and honestly the dude is pushing 30. How much longer is he going to have his speed and agility? Once he starts losing his athleticism what do you have? Not much.

orangecrush007 said...

Yo TOmmy, about Buckley. Did you notice on that series where he caught the TD pass, they went to him twice on the ground prior to that? He must have been tired and were really trying to see what he could bring to the table.

orangecrush007 said...

You are too harsh on B Smith. He was dogged tired after that offsides call but he wasnt offsides. I saw the OL man move before he crossed the neutral zone.

orangecrush007 said...

I need a DVR. Great review of the game. Felt like a Sunday in the fall.