Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Some Player Updates


This isn't a full blown preview of the Colts game, but I wanted to talk about some players that are injured or coming off injuries and their status.

Big Red announced some playing news on Monday. The starters will play the 1st half at Indy. The 2nd and 3rd string units will split up the 2nd half of the game. This is pretty standard stuff.

Here's the note from about who's out:

The list of players staying back in Philadelphia is: Trent Cole (AC sprain), Kevin Kolb (MCL sprain), Brian Westbrook, Omar Gaither (knee sprain), Shawn Andrews (back), Sheldon Brown (rib strain), Todd Herremans (stress reaction in foot), Darren Howard (groin strain), Jason Peters (quad strain), Bryan Smith (concussion), Stacy Andrews and Michael Vick.

About the players:

* Victor Abiamiri will get his first action of the summer. Can't wait to see him play and find out where he's at. If VA looks good it will make me feel a whole lot more comfortable about LDE. If he struggles big time...I'll get worried in a hurry.

I think VA starting at LDE will move Juqua to starting RDE. That will be interesting to watch. Juqua has a body that is better suited to the right side. I'm assuming that Babin and Clemons will be the backup DEs. I wonder if Tank Daniels will get some DE snaps.

* King Dunlap will play the whole 1st half at LT. He may also see time with the backups as well. Great test for him. We need to find out if King has what it takes to play in the NFL. He'll face Dwight Freeney and I seem to recall Dwight being sorta quick. Great opportunity for Dunlap to show he belongs.

* Ellis Hobbs is the starter at RCB. Good. I want to see how he does with extended time in our scheme.

* Trevor Laws gets back on the field for us. Our backup DTs struggled a bit last week. Trevor's presence will help that bunch out. He gives us a legit talent on the backup DL.

* I don't have an inside scoop on Shawn's situation. It sounds like things are improving. Keep your fingers crossed.

* Most of these guys would play if this was a regular season game. I don't mind Andy taking it easy on them. The guys who need to play are the ones who are on the bubble. Bryan Smith is one example of a guy who needs every rep he can get. I hate that he can't play. I hope he's able to get well so he can play the final 2 games.


Safety Rashad Baker was told to hit the bricks on Tuesday. Apparently he didn't win the Cadillac or the steak knives.

Baker is a veteran player. I didn't think he played all that well. Going up against scrubs should be easy for him. You saw how AJ Feeley looked good. Jason Babin looked good. Quality vets against backups should be a mismatch. Baker wasn't terrible by any stretch, but he didn't look right. I don't know if it was a lack of effort or maybe he just didn't take the game seriously.

We signed Brandon Harrison to replace him. Harrison played at Michigan. He's purely a body as far as I know. Harrison (5'8, 193)started off and on during his 4 years for the Wolverines. He doesn't exactly stand out in any way. Here's a link to his UM bio.

* Brandon Harrison Michigan Bio *



orangecrush007 said...

Bryan Smith can play. I just wish he was opposite Trent Cole. I agree with you about Victor Abiarimiri...I want to see what he has in his tank.

Here is a prediction: VA has more sacks then Julius Peppers.

Cliff said...

I'll be disappointed if Bryan Smith doesn't find a way on to the field this season.

I understand he was drafted as a project and he should be given at least 3 season until he's really evaluated, but he's also no spring chicken. Bryan will turn 26 years old before the end of the season. Compare that to Victor Abiamiri who will turn 24 in January and Trevor Laws who just turned 23.

The jury is still out on all 3, but Bryan has the shortest window to develop.

orangecrush007 said...

Why is he so old?

Cliff said...

Well he could've been at McNeese State for 5 years (redshirt + 4 years of eligibility). That means he would've started school at 19, turned 20 that January and graduated at the age of 24. He turned 25 in his first season as an Eagle. Now he'll turn 26 this year.

Cliff said...

Of course, that's just one explanation.

Cliff said...

orange, I'm wondering where you saw that Bryan Smith will play tonight. I just read an article on posted at noon that said he's out.

orangecrush007 said...

I just meant Bryan Smith has the capabilities to play. I didn't mean he is playing tonight. I read he has a concussion and isn't traveling. I thought last week he wasn't offsides and made a heck of a play. After that he was tired and got walked over the rest of that series. We'll see...