Wednesday, August 12, 2009

To Vick, Or Not To Vick


That is the question. And the answer in Philly is not to Vick. I haven't asked anyone about Mike's status. There have been reports that the Eagles might be interested. PFT today said a source told the Eagles are NOT interested.

I looked at the roster and figured it just wouldn't work.

Why would you bring Vick in? For a few possible reasons:

1 - To add a veteran backup with talent
2 - To "test drive" him for the future...possible starter.
3 - To add a weapon to use in the Wildcat offense.

None of those reasons fits us well. We have a couple of backup QBs in Kevin Kolb and AJ Feeley that have been in the system for a couple of years. Both guys were drafted by the Eagles. Not all fans are sold on Kolb, but I'm told the team still thinks very highly of him. They see him as the future. That may change over time, but that is what they see right now. Feeley is a good #3 and has starting experience.

As for the future, McNabb is in place for 2010 and Kolb is the guy they want to play after that. Done and done.

The Eagles are pretty deep at the Wildcat for now. DeSean was that guy last year. LeSean McCoy took some snaps last year and could be worked into that spot this year. We also have Jeremy Maclin. He took Wildcat snaps last year. That is 3 guys who can do it and who all have really good ability. Vick isn't needed.

If Kevin or AJ gets hurt, going after Mike Vick would make some sense. As things stand now, I'm not sure I see where Vick fits on this team. The other x-factor in all of this would be that Reid, Banner, and the Eagles know (or should know) that adding someone like Vick would not be welcomed by McNabb. The first bad play by Donovan would have some media and fans calling for Vick to start. That isn't what you need in Philly.


* Todd Herremans has a foot injury and could miss the entire preseason. The team still expects him back for the opener at Carolina.

* I'll be writing a game preview and posting it tomorrow.

* The Eagles did sign QB Adam DiMichele. He will play in the 4th Qtr. I'm told the team was very ticked off about the Nagy situation. My guess is that the NFL is using the AFL contract as an excuse. You can bet the league will be pushing a rule about coaching interns through in the near future.

* Stewart Bradley had his ACL surgery. He'll be disco dancing soon enough.


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