Friday, July 31, 2009

Oh Boy



Shawn Andrews is not off to a good start. He tweaked his lower back while running gassers yesterday and then got put on the PUP list. This could be a one day injury. Or it could last a week or month. I'm hoping that this is just a speed bump and Shawn is back on the field in a day or two.

One of the reasons I wanted to keep Shawn at RG and put Stacy at RT is that I just don't trust Shawn at this point. I need to see him play a year and stay healthy before I'll feel completely comfortable with him. You really have to admire the fact that Jon Runyan never missed a start as an Eagle. That was one tough dude.


With the Big Kid sitting out there was some change on the OL yesterday. Winston Justice manned the RT spot. Jason Peters had a quad problem and missed practice. That put Todd at LT. Nick Cole and Stacy were the OGs.

I like the fact we have a deep, versatile group, but I want to see the starters out there. We need the depth to pay off in November, not late July. It sounds like Peters will be back very shortly, so I'm not too worried about him. Still, the OL needs continuity. We need the 5 starters to practice together so that they are ready for the preseason and then the season.

Don't make too much of Justice getting on the field. He knows the playbook and that makes the practice sessions run smoother. He is still an extreme longhsot to make the team.


* Macho Harris missed yesterday with a high ankle sprain. I hated to hear that. High sprains are the ones that linger. Macho was off to a terrific start. I hope he's able to get back on the field soon. I really like this kid.

* LeSean McCoy got some reps with the starters yesterday. Good news. We need him this year. We also need the coaches to give him a chance. Both sides are doing their part so far.


Macs said...

please bring back Runyan now!!

Stephen said...

The Shawn injury didn't sound very serious at all, people are just overreacting because they're nervous about him.

They characterized Macho's sprain as "slight" as well, I imagine he'll be back in action not too long from now as well.

KC had a thigh contusion today, doesn't sound like anything too serious.

A bunch of players are nicked a little bit, fortunately nothing that should last past mid-TC yet.

I'm really worried about injuries this year, that seems like the only surefire way to sink our season. As long as the key guys make it through TC in one piece I'll be ok with it.

Cliff said...

There are always these little bumps and bruises at the start of camp. That's why I don't care if Westbrook misses all of August. Keep him away from the practice field!

Things like this, though, make me cherrish Andy Reid as our team architect. He's built an OL that is versatile enough to absorb these injuries and missed-players.

Cliff said...

I wonder about A.J. Feeley. What's his place on this team? I know what the Depth Chart says - he's the 3rd QB. But what's his role?

Has Kolb really eclipsed him in terms of skill/playbook? Given their most recent in-game bodies of work, I'd say it's a toss-up as to who should really be the back-up.

Are we pretty much set with Feeley as our 3rd guy for the next few years?

Cliff said...

And when I say "who really should be back-up" I don't mean who should be the future at QB, I mean who is counted on for the present if we lose McNabb mid-season.

Macs said...

The thing that worries me about Andrews is that the injury is on is back.. again.
I'll be less worried with another injury. He is the most important player in our O-line imho. Our offense is great when he is on field. Only average without him (see first 2 games last season).
Sorry for my so-so english but I'm Itlian

izzylangfan said...

In the absence of The Big Kid how is Justice doing?