Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday Stuff



Quick note on the Supplemental Draft. Adam Schefter reported that the Eagles were one of several teams that bid a 4th round pick on Jeremy Jarmon. That makes complete sense to me. The Eagles are big believers in value. They liked Jarmon, but weren't going to overpay when we've got a pretty solid DL.

The Skins needed help. To them, it was worth it to overpay a bit in order to land a player that can help them this season.


The Eagles have been taking a look at Hollis Thomas according to They brought him in for a physical. We had Amon Gordon as the veteran Training Camp DT, but he got hurt and is done for the year because of an Achilles injury. We don't really need a DT on the roster right now, but you want to bring in some depth just in case. Hollis would be a longshot to make the team. Don't think this move is about adding a run stuffer or any worries with Bunk, Patt, or Laws. You bring in Hollis in case you need him because of injury. Remember...when did Noah build the Ark? Before it rained.


Jack Ikegwuonu was found not guilty in his X-Box thievery trial. This case has dragged on for a while. I'm glad it is over. I still don't understand exactly what happened, but obviously it wasn't that serious. All's well that ends well. Now Jack better concentrate on football. If he sucks, Eagles fans will let him know it and he'll wish he was locked up in Wisconsin.

RE: Joe Mays

I mentioned Joe Mays being a backup and STer the other day. I'm not dismissive that he can't be a starter. I'm simply dealing with the situation from a percentages standpoint. Most likely he's meant to be a role player. Joe had a terrific summer last year. If he can build on that and play even better, Mays might in fact prove that he does deserve consideration as a future starter. I'm just trying to keep expectations realistic. I'll be very happy if he proves me wrong and we can somehow get him on the field. Mays was the most enjoyable part of the backup defense last summer. I'm looking forward to watching him here in a few weeks.


Stephen said...

Ike can hopefully completely focus on football now and not have to worry about any lingering distractions. He's one of those key guys we all want to know whether they can step up or not. We'll be sitting really rosy at CB if Ike shows he can play, because then we can let Sheldon walk or trade him if he becomes a problem.

I was just going over our schedule again, and looking at it it seems like we have a really rough schedule. Obviously its tough to know who the good teams are going to be this year, but just on paper it looks like we have very few "gimme" type games. The Raiders and the Chiefs I imagine should be easier games, and the Broncos have the potential to to be a trainwreck, but our out of division games otherwise are scary.

The Saints and Chargers are both borderline playoff teams, the Buccaneers could go either way but Im leaning towards easier. The Bears could end up being a force this year with Cutler at the helm and the Falcons are going to be nasty. The 49er's finished hot and are building a really solid core of players. Then you factor in that we play the Cowboys, Giants and Redskins twice a year.

Ahh well I guess you can't play the Rams and the Lions every year :).

Stephen said...

Oh I almost forgot we open against the Panthers, another team thats probably going to be just as nasty as they were last year.

We're going to have about 10 games this season against teams that look to be playoff caliber heading into the season.

Cliff said...

Can you explain how the Supplemental Draft works?

The Eagles, you said, were among a handful of teams who offered a 4th round pick for Jarmon. So obviously the Skins trumped them with their 3rd round pick. I get that.

But what if another team also offered a 3rd round pick? What happens then?