Monday, July 13, 2009

New Column


In this column I wrote about Gang Green's offense.

On good days, that group was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, they came up way short when it counted in the postseason. In playoff losses from 1988-1992 the team scored a total of 35 points. Ouch.

RE: Alex Lewis

He's a backup LB and good STer. Let's not overstate his ability. The Lions are a rebuilding team with a good set of young LBs. Alex is older. Why not give his spot to a younger guy to develop for the future? I think Jim Schwartz realizes that the Lions aren't likely to compete for a playoff spot. He wants to fill the team with young players or his guys wherever possible. The Takeo Spikes analogy is somewhat similar, except we're talking about a backup instead of a starter.

RE: Reggie Brown

We can easily keep 6 WRs on the roster. I referred the other day to whether we would have 6 active receivers on gameday. Huge difference. I don't doubt that Brown could be kept on the roster. I just wonder if he has any chance of regularly playing in games, without someone else getting hurt.

WR: Brandon Gibson

He's an ideal Practice Squad candidate. He's not the kind of dynamic player that is likely to be picked up by another team. I'd love to keep him on the PS for a year and then add him to the mix in 2010. Reggie may not be back. Both Avant and Baskett are FAs. We might need Brandon at that point.


shlynch said...

LOL @ Fred Gibson. Too much Reggie Brown on your brain, I guess.

Stephen said...

I hope we don't let Avant walk in FA. Maybe we should give him Freddie Mitchell's old nickname, The Sultan of Slot.

I hope we get him more involved in the regular season this year, last years playoffs he was so huge catching first downs for us.

After reading Bringing the Heat its just so sad that Cunningham never had the people around him to set him up in an environment to succeed. Someone with his kind of ability could have been an all timer if some work ethic had been applied.

Tommy Lawlor said...

@ Lynch...

That won't be the last time I call him Fred.

Prem Prakash said...

Please just don't call him Freddie. Had enough of that moniker.