Thursday, July 23, 2009

Quick pre-TC Thoughts



No real update on Jeremy Maclin's contract situation. I'm told the two sides are close, but we've heard that for a couple of days. Still, it sounds like Jeremy will get to Lehigh on time or very shortly thereafter. Excellent job by Joe Banner and his group to get these kids into the fold. We need these rookies to help out this year.


JR Reed is going to be an assistant coach with his alma mater, USF, this year. I'm very happy for JR. He made a great comeback to get back into the NFL after his tragic injury. Things never panned out exactly the way he wanted, but Reed showed a lot of heart in battling to stay in the league. Compare that with a guy like Tony Hunt who seems to all too easily have accepted getting cut. Crazy.


I'm in the middle of writing a lengthy preview. Don't worry, I haven't lost my ability to be long-winded during the offseason. I'll hopefully be posting it tonight or tomorrow AM. I'm starting to get excited for football.

Let me get back to doing some more writing on that preview...



Stephen said...

Is Tony Hunt on anyones roster anymore? That guy didn't seem to lack ability, just motivation.

Cliff said...

According to Wikipedia and, he isn't on anyone's roster.

I would go one step further and say Hunt lacked ability too. Maybe that's just my Big Ten anti-bias.