Friday, July 24, 2009

Training Camp Preview


I wrote out a long preview and it is posted here.

Thank god we've got some actual football to start talking about. I can't wait to see the guys in action. We only get rookies and select vets for the first few days, but that is better than nothing.

In case you prefer to read it on the EMB, here is the link:



rick said...

Tommy - I'll go to the eagles site to find that story as the url is not showing up. In the meantime, I'm thinking of going to the camp this year for the first time. I can only spend 2 or 3 days so I'm wondering if you are planning on going, have any tips when the best time to go might be, sacred watering holes, etc. etc. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Cliff said...

I have some tips -

* Wear lots of sun block.

* Pack a cooler and, if you're the type, a portable grill for in-between practices.

* Try to go on a day when they're NOT doing Special Teams practice. It's cool to watch Special Teams go at it once, but it gets boring watching DJax catch 50 practice punts and running 10 yards.

* Go the first week or so when they're HITTING each other. Much more exciting.

Cliff said...

I find it really interesting that the Eagles didn't add a LDE or WLB for competition. That's unusual for Reid to go in to camp without any sort of competition. I guess that means they think Gaither is fine as a back-up and enough to push Jordan? And I guess they feel like Clemons/Juqua should be good enough if Abiamiri hasn't progressed to a full-time starter level.

I also think the safety battles will be great. Sean Jones is a very good player. He won't be satisfied with backing up either Demps or Mikell, especially since he wants a multi-year deal with somebody (or us).

Baker is a fringe player to me. I think he's competing with Macho Harris for a safety spot, to be honest. Well, that depends on how crowded the corner position gets. If Jack Ike is as good as advertised in 2008, we're going to have some weird decisions to make.

Cliff said...

And what is this "Wally Pipp'd?"

Haha. Sorry, I really should be posting all these questions at the EMB.

Arno said...

He GE,

with all eyes on TC, I know it's nice to look forward.

But I missed the last draft reviews of the AFC/NFC South, and the AFC/NFC West and with your great in-depth review I get a better feeling for the hidden gems on their teams and the picks who where way too early (=Oakland).

BTW I can only underline the others loving your writing. I started reading your analysis in 2005. In the Netherlands it's hard to find some people with in-depth knowledge of the game. With reading your (p)reviews I got a better understanding of the ins & outs and your stories enabled me to 'explain' the game to my friends.

I really hope you find a job in scouting. But if I would be selfish, if it meant you being not writing anymorev on the website, I would hate it. I lose my most important source for the Eagles, even the NFL.

But I'm not that selfish...