Friday, July 10, 2009

Random Thoughts


RE: Curtis

Kevin Curtis was brought here to be a starter, not the slot guy. They paid him good money. Also, you could see how aggressive Donovan was at trying to get him the ball in the 2007 preseason. They were trying to create chemistry between them in a hurry, something Donnie has done well over recent years. He quickly got Donte Stallworth and DeSean Jackson acclimated to the offense. He also "nurtured" Hank Baskett and Reggie Brown. You could see at Training Camp that McNabb knew he had to speed them up because of a need at WR.

Back to KC. He could end up in the slot in the future, but don't count on that. Avant is a perfect slot receiver. He's tough and physical. He can be effective, even when he only catches 35-40 passes in a year. Plus, Avant is a good STer. Kevin isn't as likely to be joining our STs unit. We'll see how it all plays out. This is a very fluid situation, now and in the future. Nothing is set in stone. We could have an injury shake things up. Somebody could have a career year. All kinds of stuff can happen.

What we see on the field in 2009 will determine the fates of these guys. We sure have come a long way since the days of Charles Johnson, Torrance Small, and Na Brown.

RE: Washington's Training Camp Policy

I agree that Jim Zorn is making a mistake by letting his veterans go home for evenings. TC is only 2 1/2 weeks. Keep the guys together. Build some cohesion. It isn't like these guys will develop permanent relationships by staying together, but I do think it helps form some kind of bond. All you need is for the guys to get on the same page for a season. Everything starts anew the following offseason when players come and go.

RE: Backup SAM

The Lions this week cut SLB Alex Lewis. I've been a fan of his since he played in college. He once put the West Va QB in the hospital with a big hit in the season opener. That's my kind of LB.

We still don't have a clear cut backup SAM. I'd love for us to add Lewis as a backup and STer. Have him and Tracy White compete for a spot. I haven't heard anything about the Eagles being interested. I've just been a fan of Alex's because I enjoyed watching him when he was a draft prospect and he would fill a potential hole. And he is a good STs player.



Adam said...

Doesn't having a team like the Lions cutting a player throw up some sort of red flag for you at all?? It does for me, but I know absolutely NOTHING about this guy.

Stephen said...

Avant is a tremendous slot reciever, I feel he's really underated. I just popped in a VHS I had of the 2nd half the vikings playoff win this last year, and Avant had 2 critical 3rd down catches for first downs on the drive where we started pinned deep in our own territory. He added another great first down catch a little later on.

The guy was not meant to be a 80 catch guy, but he comes up huge on 3rd down for us, and I'm more than happy to let him work the slot for us.

I really wish more people had an understanding of how valuable a guy like Avant can be, and how skilled he is at what he does. Great hands, great routes, really has a knack for sitting down in the zone, always finds the first down marker for us... remember the 3rd and 20 play against the Giants that he got 21 yards on? Huge play in the game, really helped suck some of the wind out of the Giants sails as well as make a big difference in field position. Avant is quietly one of the better wide recievers we've had over the years.

Adam said...

Agreed the guy is definitely under appreciated by most fans. Greg Lewis had a knack for finding that 1st down marker as well but I am much more confident in Avants abilities. One thing that bothers me is that Steve Smith is getting all this attention in New York for being so clutch on 3rd downs while Avant gets nothing. I'm sure defensive coaches are aware of him though.
Depending on the situations, Avant and Curtis both have excellent attributes for the slot. Avant is the tough across the middle catch anything that comes his way and McNabbs safety net on 3rd downs. Curtis on the otherhand is able to turn those 4-6 yard catches into 10-20 in a hurry. I haven't been this confident about our WR's ever.

mosdefinite said...

is there a role for Reggie Brown on this roster? i think when healthy he's talented enough to be a decent #2 wideout, but i'm not sure where he fits on our current roster with the drafting of Maclin. is he merely trade bait at this point?