Friday, July 17, 2009

New Column is Posted


I discussed something we've talked about a bit on good the defense can be in 2009. I also took a look at the lack of great players on the unit as it stands now and who might be able to take that next step from good to great.

RE: 2010 Draft

Someone asked about what positions the Eagles might be targeting in next Spring's draft. I waited until after the Supplemental Draft to post the answer.

LDE --- This is potentially the priority spot. We'll either see that Victor Abiamiri is the real deal or LDE becomes a need next offseason. If VA plays well, the job is his. If he is average, we'll bring in serious competition. If he gets hurt, we'll bring in serious competition. If he really struggles, we may actually turn to free agency to find an immediate solution.

SLB --- Chris Gocong will be a UFA at the end of the season (assuming there is a new CBA...if no new deal, he's stuck here for a couple more years). Should Chris leave we'll look for another long term solution. We would find a short term solution on the team or in FA.

Someone asked about Stewart Bradley moving to SAM in the future. That is possible. However, I think the Eagles like him enough at MLB that he'll stay there. Joe Mays has the feel of a really good STer, but I'm not sure that he is someone you definitely want starting.

RB --- We tend to prefer a group of players in the backfield. McCoy will hopefully be the future stud. Westy can hang on for a few years as a role player. There is space for a RB with some size and power.

CB --- This could become a position of need. Sheldon Brown might be in his final year as an Eagle. Ellis Hobbs could be part of the future or outta here. Jack Ikegwuonu is a mystery right now. We know Asante is the man at LCB. We know MmmBop will handle the slot. RCB is a mystery.

* We could use a #3 TE.
* We might look for a young QB to develop as a backup.
* WR depth could be a concern, but we'd be talking about a mid-round target.

Someone asked about Fullback. We have Marcus Mailei on the roster now. The Eagles liked him a lot. They brought him to Philly for a pre-draft visit. They obviously think he could be the future at FB. He might spend the year on the Practice Squad, but don't overlook Marcus when thinking about 2010.

The CBA situation will have a huge impact on next offseason. With no new deal, many guys will be "forced" to spend an extra year or two here. That would eliminate some depth questions and make our draft targets pretty interesting. We'd have a lot of freedom at that point. I'm hoping for a new deal, though. That's best for the health of the sport.


Stephen said...

I don't want to write Joe Mays off as just an ST'er at this point. He absolutely lit it up last preseason, albeit against 2nd string competition. Theres nothing I'd love to get a chance more than to see if Joe can make the same kind of plays in 1st string on 1st string competition. I might just be blinding myself because I loved his play so much last preseason, but I want the kid to get a shot to show what he can do.

Chris Gocong is an interesting SAM cuz when I see him attacking the LOS and playing downhill he looks so good, out in space he still struggles a bit. If he could just get his coverage game to click he could potentially be one of the better SAM's around the league. I read an article recently where a personnel guy thinks he's miscast as a SAM in a 4-3, he thinks he'd be a tremendous edge guy in a 3-4 where he's attacking the LOS all the time. Thats the strongest part of his game. He really blows up some running plays sometimes, its fun to watch him from the camera angle from behind the offense, you can really appreciate how good he is at taking out pulling blockers and whatnot from that angle.

Think Gocong would have trade value at some point? I can see a team like Green Bay really wanting a kid like Gocong. We can't do it this season obviously because we don't have a backup I'd really like to see in there but, at some point maybe?

Cliff said...

I saw Joe Mays in Training Camp last summer and I immediately liked him for his vocal presence, even as a young guy. But I think that's the reason we all like him - his presence. That doesn't always mean he's a good player, he just stands out.

We all are well aware of what it means to be a Pre-Season All-Star. If not, please wiki "Jerome McDougle."

Oh, and I want to add that I'm not down on Mays. I re-read what I just typed and realized it sounds like I'm being a Negative Nancy. I really like Mays. As I said above, I'm a softy for players that I get to see in-person during T.C.

Stephen said...

Yeah Mays is one of those guys that I want to see get a shot. Last season in the preseason games it seemed like he was in on every play, making every tackle. He was everywhere and getting there with some thunder. Now maybe he'll end up being overmatched against top rate competition, but he's still a guy I really want to see get a shot.

He might be like Musa Smith, preseason hall of famer, regular season who dat. I hope not though I like watching the guy play.

Bring on the headbuster!