Thursday, July 2, 2009

Miscellaneous Items


LeSean McCoy signed with the team earlier in the week. That is great news. We need him to be ready to play. There won't be a holdout or any delays. McCoy can now concentrate on learning the playbook and being ready to play.

It is going to be interesting to see how much McCoy plays this year. Big Red let Buck go, which opened a spot for McCoy to be the backup RB. McCoy is signed. He played in a pro style offense. The learning curve won't be huge for him. Everything points to McCoy being an integral part of the offense. If Reid doesn't use him that is going to drive a lot of us crazy. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


RE: Gang Green

My memory is that Chris Berman came up with that name for the defense during the 1991 season. He was talking about how great the defense was and said the only thing they lacked was a nickname.

Since Chris grew up a Jets fan I can't imagine he'd have used the Gang Green nickname if it was tied to the Jets. The nickname stuck with some Eagles fans, but not football fans in general. I'm not sure who started referring to the Jets as Gang Green.

RE: seeing those teams live

I did not get to see those guys live. I attended my first Eagles game in 2004. I saw the MNF game against the Vikings in Week 2. I regret that I never saw a game at The Vet.

RE: Byron Evans

I think Buddy loved Byron. Mike Richenbach was already in place when Buddy took BE. Richenbach knew the defense inside out, but simply lacked the athletic ability needed to be the MLB in the 46. It did take Byron 2 years to become the full time starter. The 46 was very complicated for the MLB. I think Byron just took time to learn the scheme. Once he got the job he was great.

I'm going to write a full post about the current defense and areas that need improvement and possible trouble spots.


Cliff said...

Have you read "The Blind Side" by Michael Lewis? It's been on my personal reading list for a year now and I finally got to it... GREAT football book. I just finished it and I have to say, I'll be watching the Baltimore Ravens' Michael Oher very closely this season.

I know you're a fan of The Wire. "The Blind Side" is The Wire meets football.

roconnor said...

I clearly recall on my 8th grade bus trip to Washington, D. C. -1987, the kids having arguments about "Gang Green".

There was a billboard on 95 using the term (probably for the radio broadcast) and one kid was saying that "Gang Green" was the Jets.

Great evidence, I know.