Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday Stuff


Game preview for is now posted.


There are a couple of things not covered in yesterday's preview.


The Eagles lost OG Paul Fanaika off the Practice Squad recently. That loss didn't bug me much. Paul is a big physical blocker, but never looked like a good pass protector. Those guys seem like an odd fit for us. To replace him we signed Greg Isdaner. He left WVa after his Junior season. That was a mistake. Greg was a solid college player, but has limited pro potential. We'll see what Juan Castillo can do with him.


Apparently Pro Football Weekly has an item in their latest issue that praises Donovan McNabb as the NFL's best December QB. I can't find the article at so it must be paid content. McNabb, Andy Reid, and the Eagles do seem to be at their best in the month of December. Part of it is AR changing up the gameplan, but I think a lot of it is the mental and emotional toughness he's instilled in this team since 1999. We also have a lot of high character players. You can see that when the season gets to critical stages.

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