Monday, November 30, 2009

Game Review is Posted - WAS


Great news...we won!!!


You always get scared in a close game, even when re-watching it. I know that doesn't make any sense to a logical person, but we're Eagles fans. Logic has very little to do with how we think.


RE: where the team is right now

We're 7-4. Last year we were 5-5-1 at this point. We almost got to the SB. That team was healthier and not quite as young. That team also couldn't win close games.

We've still got a shot to win the division. We've got a good chance to make the postseason. We're winning close games. That's huge.

Are we a Super Bowl team? Who knows? Was Arizona a SB team at this time last year? No way. They went. They led late in the game and almost won. That's why I keep telling you guys to throw out the old formulas. The NFL is different these days. You must be able to win tight games. That is the key to winning a SB. This isn't some new revelation I've cooked up to match our last 2 wins. I've said this for quite some time.

We haven't beaten a good team this year, aside from if you want to count the Giants. At the same time, this team just turned the corner in some ways. I'd love a rematch with SD or DAL right now. I'd love to find out if we could make the plays needed to beat them this time out. ATL does have a winning record so they'll be somewhat of a tough test. We'll see how injured they are.

Remember that teams change from week to week in the NFL. We're not the same team as we were vs the Saints. We're not the same as we were 3 or 4 games ago. We're now making clutch plays. That builds a kind of confidence that can stick with a team.

RE: defense

The MLB situation is hurting us. Not having Hanson in the slot has hurt. Hopefully Jordan can come back this week. MmmBop will sit out one more game.

As for a DE opposite of Cole...he's not here. That is going to be an offseason fix. As we get healthier we can blitz more and offer the pass rush a boost that way.

RE: Vince Young

He's playing great right now. That comeback yesterday was really impressive. I've watched him the last few weeks and Vince is playing legit, good football. I'm not especially a fan of his, but I'm glad he turned his situation around. The NFL needs good QBs. I like Jeff Fisher and want to see him win, so that makes me happy.

RE: Harvin vs Maclin

Percy was a major risk at pick 22. He had some real character issues down at UF. They haven't shown up this year, but you always have to know they could. I think going with Maclin was the smart move. Less risk, similar reward. Jeremy is what we needed...a good receiver. Harvin is a weapon. We've already got DeSean. I like having someone who runs crisp routes and can do the little things. It will be interesting to judge this receiver class over the years.



Adam S. said...

Great review as usual Tommy. I completely agree that maclin looks lost at PR. I just don't see this explosive returner everyone touted him to be. Did he take a big hit that I didn't see along the line between preseason and now? I know he took a big one in the preseason but that was while playing WR not PR. If Jackson can't play next week, will Maclin be handling PR again? or is there somebody else that can do it?

Cliff said...

My vote is for Macho at PR if DeSean is out, but that exposes our secondary to even more injury risk. That's something we can't afford.

But man, DeSean being out hurts us in 2 phases of the game. Our WR's would be Avant, Maclin, and Brown. You have to laugh out how our back-up plan at WR this season is a lot better than our starting WR's of most of this decade.

Stephen said...

Q never seems to come down with those tough interceptions, he gets his hands on a lot of balls but doesn't seem to ever make the highlight reel play.

Do you think Celeks dropsies were because of his sprained thumb situation? He looked really hesitant on those passes.

Dumb penalty by Buckley on the foot stomp thing, also I hate seeing our guys play dirty like that. Its one thing to go for the huge hit, but stomping on a guys face who is already on the ground is ugly and deplorable. Theres no message sent there except I'm a cheapshot artist who kicks a man when he's defenseless.

Honestly I thought we were toast, but Avant gets my game ball. I just love that guy, he had some seriously clutch plays for us there.

It seems like Joe Mays is harming us more than hurting, he's playing poor MLB and even screws up our onsides kick attempts. Love the enthusiasm, but he needs to play a bit smarter.

Adam S. said...

Cliff but what if Maclin fields punts and he gets hurt? Then we got Avant and Brown, that's it. If Macho were to get hurt we are a little better off in the secondary, not much, than in our wr corps.

On second thought we should just stop talking about somebody getting hurt, I like that idea a lot more.

Pitmanite said...


You make a very good point in your analogy with Arizona from last year. I feel much better about the offense after these 2 weeks and am just hoping the defense can get guys healthy and back in the lineup.

To address your comment about how fans can look differently at the Saints close games versus the Eagles close games, I think it has a lot to do with the fact that the saints are undefeated and 4-0 against teams with winning records (they've trounced those teams by an average of 19 points). Whereas we're 1-3 against winning teams and have a loss to the Raiders on our record. With that being said, the beauty of the NFL is that whether the saints go 15-1 and we go 10-6, the only thing that matters is how you're playing down the stretch when the playoffs come. Let's hope we keep running the ball and we'll have a shot!