Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Column is Posted


My Bears preview is up at

-- LINK --

As always, I added a little new material.


* I was told by someone that Nick Cole will start at RG. That's good. Stacy Andrews would really struggle with Tommie Harris.

* No word yet on the LBs from what I've heard.

* Some college stuff is posted here if you're interested:

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* I'm gonna be stir crazy waiting for tomorrow night to get here.

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Cliff said...

I'm really starting to hate these night games. I used to love them because I wouldn't feel guilty about boozing up like I do sometimes for 1PM games, but now I just sit around staring at a pile of journal articles I need to read for a research paper I've been working on since October.

Of course, no actual work gets done on my paper while I wait for the game.