Sunday, November 8, 2009

Miserable Night


I need to get my head together before posting anything. I'm in a real foul mood right now. I was nervous all week about this game because I had a feeling we'd come out and struggle. Unfortunately, I was right. I was pretty miserable for 3 hours. Even with the lead I didn't think we were going to win. Just a vibe I had.

My biggest complaint right now is that this might be the dumbest performance I can remember. We had mistake after mistake due to stupidity or sloppiness. You won't win may division games like that. Dumb.



em26jamie said...

Asante still can't tackle. Sean Jones looks like crap. I don't know what you see in that guy.

I think the ref was looking at porn instead of the replay of the QB sneak.

All our LB's are now hurt with Jordan going down. Ouch!

Baloophi said...

I'll help you out, Tommy.

This was yet another coaching implosion. When your "best left tackle in the NFL" goes down early you should run the ball, not throw and risk your QB to injury, fumbles, hurried throws.

-You don't dial up a long pass to a receiver who seemed to have difficulty looking for the ball all game, especially on the first play after your defense fought hard to get you the ball back.

-You don't blow timeouts challenging calls that are not easily reversible... no matter how bad the original call was.

-You don't go for it on 4th on 1.5 when you don't need to.

-You don't kick a field goal when you're down 7 with 5 minutes left and no timeouts - THAT's when you go for it on 4th down.

I'm just beyond tired of these coaching miscues - as good as Andy can be with schemes and GM-ing, he's not forward-thinking enough to handle the in-game decisions... at least without a competent check and balance, of which there is none.

I'm sure we'll hear all week how ineffective and inaccurate McNabb was, but honestly, Reid lost this game. The worst part was having to watch Wade Phillips jump up and down like a mental patient learning that it's ice-cream day and realize that THAT guy out-coached your coach. I am sick.

dirty said...

Is it possible that there is such a thing in the NFL as a "retarded tackler"? Asante Samuel may fit that bill. He's so excited that when he FINALLY makes a solid open-field tackle that even he, himself doesn't believe it and draws a personal foul penalty in his retarded excitement.