Sunday, November 1, 2009

Gameday - NYG



RB Brian Westbrook
WR Kevin Curtis
FS Macho Harris
DE Victor Abiamiri
CB Dmitri Patterson
OL Mike McGlynn
OL Max Jean-Gilles
QB Kevin Kolb

So Westy will sit this one out. That hurts. He's been a Giant killer in his career. I'm sure Antonio Pierce is the happiest person on Earth. Westy always seems to give Pierce fits.

The pressure will be on Shady to step up in this game. I hope they also mix in Weaver with more touches.

Newly acquired RB P.J. Hill is active. Interesting.

The x-factor on offense could be the Wildcat. We haven't done much since Week 2. This could be the kind of week where we mix in more of those plays to give the running game a boost and take some heat off Shady.

I didn't talk about Jeremiah Trotter in the game preview. He didn't play a whole lot on Monday. We handled the WAS run game pretty well without him. This week will be another test. The Giants run the ball really well, both inside and off-tackle. I'm hoping Spoon will be good enough that Trot can mainly sit on the bench. If we do struggle to stop the run we'll have to put Trot out there. Eli is a smart enough QB and that could spell trouble with play-action passes.

Big game. Big opportunity. Let's go win this thing.


Cliff said...

I think it's strange that Kolb is inactive. Given Donovan's injury history (even the unsensationalized version), you'd think Reid would want a back-up QB on the active roster.

Tommy Lawlor said...

How was that for a 1st half?

PHI 30, NYG 7

We dominated in every phase of the game. I just hope we are able to run the ball and work the clock some in the 2nd half.

Fuertisimodos said...

That was a fun game. I had to admit I was getting a little nervous when they cut the lead to 16, having flashbacks to that awful 2006 collapse we had, but then Andy does the right thing on 3rd and 1 and hands the ball off and we take it to the house.

How bizarre were all those tipped passes down near the NYG goal line? I couldn't believe so many were getting batted in the air.

Donovan played spectacular today, now he needs to stay in that form for the rest of the season.

I loved the playcalling offensively, Andy stuck with the run, I'm not sure I've ever seen so many 1st and 2nd down runs in the AR era. You don't need to force the big plays in this offense, just play solid move the chains ball and the big plays will come naturally.