Monday, November 2, 2009

Game Review is Posted - NYG Beatdown


Re-watching this was a lot more fun than either of the last 2 weeks. Here it is:

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Let's enjoy this for a day or two and then start thinking about beating the Cowgirls.


Sounds like Brian will probably play Sunday night, but Reid is still vague with his comments. Westy is too valuable to just throw out there and hope for the best. The Eagles will make sure he's 100% ready before he hits the field. We'll need him Sunday night, now that Dallas will be keying on how to stop Leonard Weaver.


Stephen said...

Huge matchup this week, this is what we love to see, two NFC East rivals playing good football tied for the division lead with overtones of a grudgematch because one of those two teams (that shall remain nameless) got sent home with their tails between their legs on the last game of the season by the other team.

Awesome matchup not just for us eagles fans but football fans in general. I don't mind if we don't win big over Dallas because they are playing well right now, but I do want to see us put them away. We need to come out with an edge this game because they will be very hungry after how last season ended.

Josh said...

Thanks for posting here and there. I am so glad to not have to wade through EMB flotsam and jetsam to get to your reviews. Excellent wrap up as always.

Prem Prakash said...

Great review, Tommy. I notice you're including more jokes in your reviews. Been attending an amateur comedians group? Seriously, it makes your writing even more enjoyable, keep up the fine work

Wearing my optomistic goggles today, I say the Eagles showed their true colors last week. Outside of Westy, our key guys are healthy and starting to click, especially the O line. I'm really glad that Weaver and Jones had strong games. These were two off season acquisitions that I really liked and I wanted to see these guys get a chance to play. I'm looking for a strong, balanced game against Dallas (Yo, Andy & Marty, this means you) and 1st place in the NFC East, a place we haven't been in awhile.

izzylangfan said...


Another great game review. Thanks

The Eagles have so much talent and so many options on offense I think it presents a problem to the coaches as to how to manage it all: Westbrook, Maclin, DeSean - pass and run, Weaver, McCoy, Celek, Vick and the Wildcat. Wow. The key, in my view, is not to try to do too much in any one game but rather to choose what is appropriate within the game plan and to be able to attack the opponents weakness. In this last game Westbrook was out so we shifted to the little used Weaver for some big plays and only used Vick once - I believe in a well conceived play that was not really a wildcat play. I think the wildcat is not really needed although I suspect there will probably be one game this year where Reid unveils a wildcat passing attack to surprise the opponent. So while it is generally good to have a multitude of offensive options I think in the Eagles case a bit of economy is called for in the intelligent assembly of the game plan.

Some questions about next year.

All three quarterbacks are signed through next year and thats it. Since the Eagles do not want to keep all three they have some decisions to make and they might as well make them before next year's draft so they can get something for the ones they don't want. Vick is likely gone - will someone give up a one or a two to get a potential franchise QB. Then they have to choose between McNabb and Kolb. Is Kolb worth a number one. He was a high number two to start and now he is trained with enough of a starting resume to impress someone (other than myself). Whatever do we do? Who ever we keep there would seem to be some high round talent coming next year. What is the going price for McNabb?

With Witherspoon in the fold he would seem to be a three down weakside linebacker next year when Bradley returns next year to reassume his position as a three down Mike. Akeem Jordan is just playing too well to sit. Besides he seems to cover the tight end more than Gocong anyway. So is Jordan a Sam next year. Gocong is good against the run but do will his price be low enough to use him as a backup. But both Gocong and Jordan are free agents next year with Jordan restricted. So if they only sign one it is probably going to be Jordan but don't they really want to lock him up in a long term deal anyway. I know the potential uncapped year and CBA issues complicate the decisions. But who do you think the Eagles really want and what do you think they will do?