Sunday, November 8, 2009

Gameday - Dallas


Kickoff is just a few short hours away. The big news of the day is that Westy won't play. I have no inside scoop for you. The Eagles were so definitive mid-week about him playing that I just assumed he would.

This will hurt. Dallas runs a 3-4, which means they will rush all kinds of guys from all kinds of angles. There will be pressure on the RBs to help out in pass pro. This should mean more reps for Leonard Weaver at RB. That is a good thing. You always have to look for the bright spots. I hope we line up in the Ace Formation 6 to 8 times and give Weaver a chance to run. If we get Ratliff blocked cleanly, there will be seams up the middle.

The game will be decided by how much pressure we get on Romo. I've sat here all day watching games. A few D-lines have played really well. I'm trying to envision our guys having that kind of a night and leading us to victory. Darren Howard owes us a big game. Tonight would work for me. I'm interested to see if McDermott has some wrinkles that he's saved for a game like this.

With Westy out we could always run some more Wildcat if needed. I don't think that will be the case, but you never know. If the offense is stagnant we can always try that. I just think that McNabb and company will have a solid night.

Winning this game would be huge. WAS lost again today and they are basically out of it. The Giants are locked in a tight game. We'd be alone in 1st place in the division and would be 3-0 in NFC East games.

C'mon fellas. Knock the heck out of Romo and give me a big win.

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