Monday, November 9, 2009

Game Review is Up


Here ya go:

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Being 5-3 at midseason isn't the worst thing in the world. If the season ended today, us and Atlanta would be the Wildcard teams. We'd either play at Dallas or at Arizona. I won't even lie to you about trying to figure out tiebreakers.

I've got some thoughts on the state of the team that I'll be working on. Losing to Dallas simply sucks and it's hard for me to shake that. I'll be better tomorrow when I can start thinking about Sunday's game in San Diego.


Stephen said...

Whatever, I'm over this game. Of all the things you could criticize Andy Reid for not going for it on 4th and 11 with 4 and half minutes left in a 1 possession game is one of the dumbest I can possibly think of. I actually thought punting was the best option, pin them deep, play defense and get the ball back in good field position. You have to drive for a TD either way. Turns out the play defense part was the hardest one for us, obvious shades of the '06 playoff game. If you go for it on 4th and 11 and don't make it all you do is give Dallas great field position and even if you 3 and out them they're going to be able to pin us deep on the punt and make the potential game tying drive that much longer, maybe as much as 40 or 50 yards longer. What are the odds that we convert 4th and 11 anyhow? Probably better than if it was 4th and 1.

The spot on the Mcnabb sneak was absurd, I hope that official likes his downgrade this week from the NFL. Have fun officiating the Kansas City/Oakland game, dumbass. Honestly where do they get some of these officials? Do they even need to pass an eye exam or do they just recruit the hobos off the street a few hours before gametime? Here you go buddy, we'll give you a five dollar footlong if you put on this zebra shirt and pretend to be a real NFL official for the evening.

Stephen said...

I'm sorry, that was wrong, I should never have insulted homeless people by implying that they would do as poor of a job officiating as the actual officials do.

izzylangfan said...

The loss to Dallas hurts. In the one sense the game was there for the taking. On the other hand the Eagles made too many mistakes. So, the question is can we improve on those mistakes during the season and become a really good team or are we doomed to be only good but not good enough.