Thursday, September 25, 2008

Some Interesting Numbers

* The Eagles have the #6 offense and #4 defense. They are #1 overall against the run, and that is after facing Steven Jackson, Marion Barber, and Willie Parker.

* Creating turnovers was a huge problem last year. The defense had 10 INTs and 11 forced fumbles. This year things are looking up. There are only 2 INTs (about the same pace as last year), but the defense already has 5 FFs.

* How much has Sav Rocca improved? His average is up from 42 a punt to 46.9. Even more impressive...his net was 36.4 last year and is up to 44.1 this year. His directional kicking is incredibly good. Sav is pinning guys along the sideline and allowing his coverage to really help him out. Through 3 games opponents have a total of 14 punt return yards.

* After Quintin Demps 37 yard KOR vs PIT, he now has 2 returns longer than what the team got all last year (47, 37 vs only 35).

* The LBs are off to a good start. Last year...3 sacks all season. This year already 2.5. The cover skills also look better. Stewart Bradley and Omar Gaither did a good job last week of covering the middle on plays when they didn't blitz. Chris Gocong looks much more comfortable in coverage this year.

* Last year backup DL had a total of 5.5 sacks. That number is at 3.5 already. Darren Howard is in good shape and finally won't be just getting pressure. Let's just hope the good play continues. Chris Clemons, Victor Abiamiri, and Trevor Laws have yet to contribute, but all have the ability to get to the QB.

* Rookie DeSean Jackson is off to a great start with 17 grabs for 256 yards and almost 1 TD. To put those numbers in perspective, let's compare them to future Hall of Famer Freddie Mitchell's rookie year. Freddie had 21 catches for 283 yards and a TD. His long play was 29 yards. Looks like Peanut will pass Fredex this week or the next. By the way...Freddie's hands bribed me to throw in the HOF comment.

* David Akers has yet to miss a FG (why jinx him then?). He's also getting good depth on his KO's. Maybe the extra weight of the mustache was slowing him down last year. Somebody shave Dawk's stache before Sunday night!!!

* Hank Baskett finished last year with 16 catches for 142 yards. He's already got 12 catches for 197 this year. Glad to see Hank getting worked more into the offense.

* Get Correll Buckhalter more touches. Period. He's too good to touch the ball a couple of times a game. Just ask the Steelers...

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