Sunday, September 21, 2008

Must Win?

There has been some talk about whether the Steelers game is a must win situation. I don't think any game in the first 3 weeks is a must win game in and of itself. Certainly you may get to the end of the year and miss the playoffs or a division title or bye week by a game and look back to an early loss as critical. That is different that "must win".

A loss here isn't going to end the season. It won't mean the Eagles can't beat a good team. This is Week 3 of the 2008 NFL season.

I do think this is a very important game. The Eagles sit at 1-1. Getting to 2-1 would be very big. Last year the team never got above .500, not even for one week. That put a lot of pressure on the team. You're always fighting an uphill battle. Beating the Steelers would get the team above .500 and possibly get some momentum going.

The Eagles played a Super Bowl contender last week and should have won the game. They face another Super Bowl contender this week. A win here would do a lot for the team's confidence. A win over Pittsburgh could launch a winning streak. And if you look at the best teams in Reid's era there is always a long winning streak.

I like the vibe the Eagles have had the first couple of weeks. The team looks prepared and is playing well. They blew a chance for a big win last week, but get a shot at redemption today. The best Eagles teams always bounced back from losses by playing well. Seeing how they come out and play today will give us a good indication of what kind of team the Eagles are going to be this year.

So far...sorta good.

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