Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Quick Post Game Thoughts

I haven't finished going over the tape yet. I'll be working on that tonight and should have my Detailed Game Review posted on Wednesday.

For now...

* Great game

I hated the outcome, but it was a lot of fun to see the guys in a big game. The team played well overall. There were mistakes, but don't lose sight of the big plays and the parts of the game when we were clicking on all cylinders. Cliches rule.

* Defense?

In the first half we had no pass rush and gave up big pass plays. In the second half we had no pass rush and gave up short pass plays. You have to give the Cowboys credit for executing well. They have a terrific offense. Still, it was highly frustrating to see Romo not getting hit at all.

I wish Jim Johnson had blitzed more. It was effective when he did. I'd rather go down swinging than letting Romo be comfortable. Trent Cole was the only DL that seemed to win battles with any consistency.

* Weapon-X

There was a "Weapon-X" on the field last night. It wasn't Brian Dawkins, though. It was Felix Jones. He killed our kickoff coverage team all night long. They had him bottled up on several plays, but Felix would find a crack and come flying out of the cluster of players. He's going to be trouble for a long time.

As for Dawk...ouch. Jason Witten ate his lunch over and over. I think we can all see that this will be Brian's final year as our FS. He just doesn't run the way he did. Watching him last night was almost like watching JR Reed.

* DeSean's gaffe

Jackson catches a bomb and is headed straight for the endzone. Easy TD except...he drops the ball casually at the 1-yard line. WTF???? Celebrate after you score!!! EaglesNation was ready for blood. Luckily the mistake didn't cost us. Westy went over the top for a short TD run and all's well that ends well.

I actually wouldn't yell at DeSean for the mistake. He'll hear about that play from every person he sees for the next year, or two. Andy Reid simply needed to look him in the eyes and say "Lesson learned? Don't ever let that happen again."

* The Eagles offense is legit

We moved the ball very well, especially in the 1st half. We only had one punt prior to halftime and that came about because Donovan's deep ball to Greg Lewis was knocked away at the last minute on a 3rd down play. Dallas never really stopped us. Things changed after halftime. We lost some of our rhythm.

It is amazing to think that you can take the starting WRs off this team and we still move the ball and score points. A healthy McNabb makes such a huge difference.

* Bring me the head of Tony Kornheiser

He is awful in the booth. He's writing a newspaper column as the game goes along. He used the word "star" about 655, 321 times last night...mostly in reference to Romo and Owens. Tony talked about all kinds of peripheral stuff that had no business being mentioned in a game of that quality.

At one point, late in the 2nd quarter I think, he was going into McNabb having experienced some hard times in his career. The game was 21-20 or something like that and we were driving. That is no time to talk about Limbaugh, Draft Day, or the 2005 debacle. Focus on the great game at hand.

I think ESPN would be best served by having Kornheiser on site as a reporter. Cut to him a few times during the game to see what is catching his eye. He's good at looking for storylines. The problem is that he does that all game long and it ruins the broadcast.

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The Old Buffoon said...

Thanks, Tommy. What a great battle. Tony's such a blowhard. Look forward to your take on why both the DL and OL were so disappointing.