Thursday, September 18, 2008

Some Interesting Numbers

We're only two games into 2008, but there are already some interesting numbers to look at:

* The return units are absolutely better. Long KOR of 2007 was only 35 yards. Quintin Demps had a 47 yard return on Monday. The longest PR by our primary punt returner last year was 32 yards. DeSean Jackson took one back 60 yards in the opener. Westy did have a 64 yard return against Seattle last year. The Eagles were aggressive in dealing with Special Teams this year and it looks to have paid off.

* We scored a defensive TD on Monday. We didn't score any last year.

* We came up with 2 turnovers on Monday. Let's hope that continues. We had 19 all of last year.

* David Akers only made 2 FGs in the 40-49 range last year. He made a 44 yard'er against Dallas. His kickoffs seem to have better depth this year. His offseason workout must have actually worked.

* Brian Westbrook ran for 7 TDs last year. He's already got 3 this year.

* The passing game is back to being vertical. Last year Eagle QBs averaged 6.9 yards per pass attempt. That number is average. This year the figure is 9.1 ypa, which is outstanding.

We had, by my count, 4 pass plays of 50 or more yards last year. Curtis (75, 68), Westy (57), and GLew (50)were the targets. We already have 3 pass plays over 52 yards this year...Baskett (90), DeSean (60), and GLew (52).

* We have 75 points in 2 games. Last year we had 25 at this time.

* We have the #1 run defense in the NFL.

* All these numbers are great, but the key stat is 1-1. Let's hope a victory over the Steelers improves that to 2-1.

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The Old Buffoon said...

You just had to mention our record there at the end. Sheesh!

All of these improvements on ST's and O are encouraging, and I sure hope the defensive big plays allowed against big D prove to be an anomaly.