Sunday, September 28, 2008

Gameday Thoughts

The Bears game is an interesting test for the Eagles. This is the kind of game a really good team wins, and should look good doing so. The Eagles are banged up and that could have an affect. We still don't know if Westy will play. But...

We're facing Kyle Orton.

Can you really lose to Kyle Orton if you want to be a Super Bowl team? I guess it's possible, but there better be a lot of big mistakes and oddball plays in the game. You don't want him simply outplaying you.

Nothing against Kyle. He's a solid backup and okay spot starter, but I just don't see him as a quality starting NFL QB. Maybe I'm too harsh. He doesn't have a great OL or any special skill players. I just see him as a game manager, and not exactly a great one of those.

Back to the Eagles. The price of greatness is responsibility. That was said by either Arthur Carlson or Winston Churchill. I get my famous leaders mixed up. Either way it still ties in to tonight's game. If the Eagles want to be considered one of the best teams in the league, this is the kind of game to go win. Chicago is going to be desperate. They don't want to fall to 0-3 in the NFC. That would dig them quite a hole to climb out of.

The Eagles need to match the Bears desperation with talent and greed. We're the better team. Go play like it. I mention the word greed because the best teams always want more. Score another touchdown. Get another sack. Win another game. You can't let up, you can't be satisfied.

The game doesn't mean anything in the 100% definitive sense of things, but it will give us another hint about this Eagles team. So far, so good. Another test awaits tonight.



* The Bears led the NFL in fewest yards to go on 3rd down prior to the Tampa game. I'm not sure if they are still first, but that is a key stat. They need to stay "on schedule" to be effective. That means they need 2nd/6 or 3rd/3. Get them in 2nd or 3rd and long and they get uncomfortable.

* The Eagles are a first half team. Cumulative score is 61-30. The second half isn't so impressive, 29-20.

* Don't relax and assume anything on Special Teams plays. The Bears block kicks, run fakes, force turnovers, and have great return units. 4th down will be just as important as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd down in this game.

* Random prediction...Greg Lewis will catch a long TD. He'll then show his gratitude to his teammates by buying a round of Orange Whips for everyone. You can't go to Chicago without drinking an Orange Whip.

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Mark H. said...

Well, I guess we can lose to Kyle Orton...

But you're right, there was a great deal of sloppy mistakes that made it possible.