Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday Stuff

* Sorry for the lack of posts. I was out of town for a couple of days.

* The Bucs didn't do us any favors today. The Falcons beat them 13-10 in OT. We need Atlanta to lose a game to give us a realistic chance for the postseason. The Bucs missed a FG late in the game. Their D came out and stopped Atlanta. Then they blocked a punt and got the ball deep in Falcons territory. I was very happy. Brian Griese and the Bucs stalled quickly and kicked the tying FG (barely). Tampa got the ball to start OT, but Griese took a terrible sack and Atlanta got the ball and marched down for the winning FG.

We now need Minnesota to come up huge next week. They host the Falcons.

* We can still cheer for the G-men to beat the Cowboys tonight. That would help. About the whole TO situation. They knew what they were getting into, so I have no sympathy for anyone in that organization. I hope this thing really explodes.

Reports now say there are some players calling Jason Witten a snitch. I don't fully understand how he's the bad guy in this debacle. That is the lunacy of Planet Owens. I know if Dallas feels they need to trade him that I'd gladly give up a 1st round pick for Jason.

* Game Preview is posted...


Stephen said...

Actually Tampa losing to Atlanta isn't as bad as it seems at first, because now either Atlanta or Tampa Bay can lose a game and if we run the table we would be in.

If you want to put a taterrific spin on it, theres actually more football games that can be lost now to help us in (4) than there was at the beginning of the day (3). ;)

T_S_O_P said...

On the one hand, it's a shame that the Giants lost, but on the other, it's not a bad time for the best team in the Conference to be playing their worst football. Marcus Ware is the best defensive player in football and I find myself a little jealous; maybe he is the problem in the locker room! (I wish.) I'd happily trade both our first rounders next year.

And on to where one of those is coming from, the Panthers. They now seem to be the hottest team in the Conference and in no small part thanks to their running game. If we don't make the playoffs and they make it a long way or all the way, that has to be a big nail in our GM's coffin. The same GM who (in this scenario) will have failed this season as a HC and has had to hand over more responsibility than he wanted to as a OC. This is not a rant, rather I believe it is just what is at stake. Win the next 6 games, and AR biography can tell the readers just how close he came. Anything less and that chapter of his book is more unclear.

Tommy Lawlor said...

@ Stephen...

I hadn't even considered things from that angle. Thank you for pointing out something that should have been obvious. I was so obsessed with ATL's spot that I lost sight of the overall picture.

@ TSOP...

The Giants have serious problems. I thought last week was an aberration. They have to be very scared right now. Getting Jacobs back will help, but I'm not sure that is enough with their passing game hitting a brick wall like it has.

DeMarcus Ware should be the NFC Def. Player of the Year. He is having a great year.

The Panthers are starting to look like the team to beat. They can run, throw, and defend.

I'm not sure what to say about their success in relation to AR. Trading the Otah pick to them helped, but he's down the line in terms of biggest "changes" for them:

* emergence of Deangelo Williams
* Steve Smith playing at an elite level
* health of Jake Delhomme
* re-emergence of Julius Peppers
* addition of Jonathan Stewart
* addition of Mushin Muhammad
* Otah

Stephen said...

Granted I would have rather the Bucs won but, it wasn't a total loss ;).

Demarcus Ware is such a beast, he's one of the few Cowboys I enjoy watching play.

I still like the Panthers trade, and who knows what the extra first will net us next year. I think the Eagles can get a little too value oriented sometimes, but the Panthers trade made all the sense in the world at the time imo.