Friday, December 5, 2008

Game Preview

One point I didn't cover in there that was brought up by someone on the EMB is that the game best not come down to a late FG. David Akers has really struggled with kicks at the Meadowlands. Add in the fact that the weather reports call for a cold, windy day (possible snow) and you don't want Akers kicking to win the game.

This is absolutely a winnable game, but the Eagles better not come out flat or play sloppy. You can't rely on the Giants to do anything other than play good football. You have to match their level and go one higher to beat them. We'd all love to see Eli be the guy from 2005, but that just isn't likely.

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Stephen said...

On the bright side Akers has been pretty good recently. It seems like I don't have to hold my breath anymore everytime we trot him out for a FG attempt of any length.

This is a big game, a lot of people seem to have the attitude that the Eagles have already let us down this season, and they have no doubt about it, but we're still in it and I'm going to get my hopes up anyhow!

If we win tommorow and the Cowboys lose, its game on, we would be in control of our own fate again.