Thursday, December 18, 2008


Green Akers looked like a goner at midseason. He missed several kicks early on and didn't inspire any confidence. Even when kicks did go through there was a ton of movement on the ball. You just felt nervous.

Things have changed since then. David seems to have figured some things out. His kicks are straighter. His kickoffs have generally had pretty good depth.

Akers really got my attention when he nailed a 51-yard FG against the Giants. In the Meadowlands, no less. He's now 29 of 35 for the year. 3 of the misses are due to blocks (not his fault at all). The other 3 misses all came from 50+.

What do we make of this?

I'd feel more confident if Akers had been nailing a bunch of 48-yard FGs, but he's generally kicking 42 and 43 yarders. He seems to be money inside of 43. Beyond that things are a question. He struggled early, but did hit the kick vs the Giants. And that kick was straight. Really impressive kick on a cold, windy day.

At this point I'm willing to bring David back for another season, but the Eagles must have competition for him. They need to bring in a kicker who has a realistic shot of pushing him next summer. I'll cheer for Akers to win the competition, but he does need to do just that..."win it".


The preview of the Skins game is posted.

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