Friday, December 26, 2008

Dallas Preview is up

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. I wasted mine spending time with family when I could have been locked in a room studying game tape. Neither one of my nephews has any understanding of the Okie Package. How the heck am I supposed to have a good conversation with them? What's more important, Santa or delayed blitzes up the middle?

It was nice to take a short break from football, but I'm excited for the Dallas game and the onset of bowl season. We've had a few games to this point, but only one key game. TCU beat Boise State 17-16 in a good game on Tuesday.

The season finale against Dallas should be exciting. We might have a chance at the playoffs. At least we'll be able to play to keep them out. That's better than nothing.

I'm also really curious to see how the new and improved Eagles defense handles the Cowboys. They can run or throw. They have WRs and TEs. They have a mobile QB. If we control them or shut them down, I'll be incredibly impressed with how far our defense has come. We weren't even a good speed bump back in September against them.

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