Monday, December 22, 2008

Monday Thoughts

I'm still working on the DGR.


The loss is no less frustrating today. I've spoken to several fans and we all try to joke about things, but everyone is pissed about the way yesterday played out. The biggest gripe is the lack of running, as you would imagine.

I told a friend prior to the game that all we needed to do was feed the ball to Westy and play good defense. He got 18 touches, but 2 of the runs were junk plays right before the half and 3 touches came on the final drive of the game. That means Westy had 13 touches during the other 57 1/2 minutes of action. Pitiful.

This is the part of Andy Reid that makes me want to kidnap him and give him the football version of the Ludivico Treatment. Brian Westbrook is our best offensive player, not Donovan McNabb. No offense to #5, but Westy is now the key to the offense.

There is no excuse for underusing him in our biggest game of the year. I'm sure Andy has some brilliant reason for why things played out like that, but I'm gonna side with my common sense over his "rationale".

The playoffs are a major longshot, but I'll be excited to see what we do against Dallas on Sunday. No matter what, you always want to beat the Cowboys.

I know a lot of people want to talk about Reid and his future. I'll get into that a little bit in the next couple of days, but I still want to see the whole season play out before saying anything definitive.


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T_S_O_P said...

We also only gave Buck 2 touches after some lame promise to get him more involved after the Cincy game. He could have had a Ladell Betts type game, who we spent little time focusing on (too many other primary weapons).

Mark H. said...

To be fair, it looked like Westbrook was hurting on Sunday, and didn't have his usual mojo. But I agree with TSOP--would have been nice to see Buckhalter more involved.

I got an email offer from Papa John's yesterday that quietly summed up the game perfectly:

"Mondays after Eagles games, we offer a large cheese pizza for $8.99! Plus, get a free topping for each touchdown they score, and DOUBLE the toppings for a victory.

Today only! Get a large cheese pizza for $8.99!"