Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fullback in 2009

I'm curious about some opinions on this situation.

I think Klecko has shown enough to be brought back as part of a competition. Beside that, what do you do?

The Eagles could spend a pick on a player, but college isn't developing great FBs anymore because of the dreaded spread offense. Relying on a pick would be similar to counting on Jason Davis.

The team could go sign a FA, but I'm not sure what decent FBs will be available.

Thoughts? Ideas?


Mark H. said...

Do you think Eckel could be the guy? I actually liked Klecko quite a bit as a pass-rushing DT. He looked like he had a good motor and showed an ability to get to the QB. He seems like a hustle guy, and you need those guys somewhere on your team.

Fear and said...

I think fullbacks are like kickers and punters: they kick around for a couple of years before they stick. I would look more at street free agents, guys who made a team for a couple weeks and got cut as a rookie, etc. Those are the guys who may be ready to take the next leap.

-- shlynch

Tommy Lawlor said...

I watched some LSU tape this morning. Quinn Johnson is a good looking blocker. I'd be happy with him as a mid-round pick.

@ Lynch...

Great point. FBs due tend to take time to develop. Hopefully they have a good plan in place for addressing the position.

The Old Buffoon said...

I'm no expert on fullbacks, but I know that I want to see Klecko in midnight green next year. The guy just seems like a football player, smarts and toughness, and I'm confident he'll just get better @ the FB position with more time in the Eagles complex offense.

Brad said...

I agree in wanting to see Klecko back next year. He seems to be improving and also has shown some pretty good hands when given the opportunity (certainly better than I expected). Also, I would still like to draft a FB in the mid-to-late rounds for some competition, but have no idea who may be had then.

Fear and said...

Interesting (to me) note for today:

The Patriots are using Ross Hochstein, a backup OG, as their FB. The trend to non-RB FBs gains momentum.