Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Eagles Add OL to Practice Squad

Yesterday the Eagles signed Chris Patrick from the Practice Squad to the 53-man roster. To fill his spot they added OL Tala Esera of Hawaii.

Guess what position he played in college? LT, of course. He'll be a G for us. He was too short and not athletic enough to stay out there, but does have talent. He lists at 6'3, 310. Esera has spent some time with the Colts on their Practice Squad.

Why all the OL and not a RB? That is just Big Red's way of doing things. He loves his linemen. Don't complain too much. He could always cut Kyle Eckel and go sign another OL.


Stephen said...

It's a shame he doesn't love to use them to maul people.

Tommy Lawlor said...


We need Andy to go to bully school. He needs to learn how to solve problems with force instead of brains.