Tuesday, December 9, 2008

DGR is Posted



Reggie Brown was a healthy scratch. Good.

I don't think Reggie is a bad player. I still think Reggie is a capable starting WR. The problem is that he's not a good fit for the 2008 Eagles.

DeSean came in as a rookie and took his job. He's more athletic than Reggie and has better hands. He's a natural receiver. Reggie isn't nearly as gifted.

Curtis, Baskett, and Avant have all shown that they can thrive in our offense as starters and/or role players. They don't lose focus when they go 20 plays without a pass coming their way. They can come and go and still play at a high level.

We've seen both Hank and Jason show excellent ability to adjust to Donovan's passes over the middle. They can go up or down for the ball. Curtis is similar, but he's more effective adjusting to the ball downfield.

Reggie's biggest 2 biggest weaknesses are inconsistent hands and failure to adjust to the ball. I think he could thrive on a different team, but he simply isn't a good fit for us.

I know cutting/trading him in the offseason isn't an easy thought because he has been a good player in the past and is due some money, but that would be the prudent move. Hopefully we can get something like a 4th or 5th round pick for him. Some team should be interested in his services.

I know a lot of fans will say "Aw, he sucks man. Nobody will want Reggie." Not so. Reggie is 27. He's healthy. He has 163 career catches and averages 14.5 per reception. He has size and is a good route runner and blocker. Some team will be interested. Whether we can pull off a trade I'm not so sure about. Brown will be on some team next year and will probably be a productive player.

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