Thursday, November 13, 2008

Various Thoughts

New article is posted. I talked about the team coming up short in close games and big games, as well as talking some about the Bengals.


A lot of people wondered how Andy Reid would use DeSean Jackson this year. DeSean showed as far back as mini-camps that he was too good to fall into the normal rookie pattern of waiting his turn.

DeSean had a solid showing at Lehigh and played really well in the preseason games. That got us excited for the regular season. The situation turned out favorably for most involved because the starting WRs weren't healthy at the beginning of the season. That meant lots of chances for Jackson. And he didn't disappoint. Big Red played him a lot and got him the ball.

I was curious how much that would change as Reggie Brown and Kevin Curtis got healthy. Curtis got his starting job back, but Jackson kept Reggie's spot.

That was smart and it was the right move. DeSean is the 2nd most talented receiver we've had in the Reid era. I think we all know who the best was (Dietrich Jells, of course). I'm glad Andy didn't fall into the "play the safe veteran" trap.

Reggie Brown is a talented player, but he doesn't offer the same kind of impact as DeSean. A coach has to put the best players on the field. Not only does Jackson have the athletic ability, but he looks polished and ready to play.

What becomes of Reggie Brown in the future? Does he move to the slot? Can he play FS? FB? I'm not sure what to say about Reggie. I'd love to find a good way to keep him on the field, but I like Curtis and Jackson more. I like Avant in the slot. I love Hank Baskett as a backup and role player. I'm not sure Reggie is a good fit anywhere.

It would be interesting to move him to the X spot and Curtis to the slot, a place he excelled for the Rams. Reggie's big enough to battle some press corners. He's got enough speed to get deep. He's just not great in any area. Do you move everyone around to get him on the field or trade him?

Reggie caught 1 pass last week for 7 yards. That doesn't bode well for his future.


One thing I hope does carry over from last week is Red Zone success. The Eagles have failed to blow out a couple of teams because they stalled near the goal line. I want to see the team punch the ball into the endzone several times vs Cincy and win comfortably. That would quell some fan anger and shut up the hyper-critical media. I'm happy to say that I get to belong in both camps.

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Mark H. said...

Dietrich Jells?! I though Na Brown had the best hands on the team!