Saturday, November 22, 2008

Game Preview

I'm picking the Eagles to win. I know, I know. I'm a delusional optimist. Or "hey dude, gimme some of what you're taking".

I think Eagles fans are being overly negative in regard to the team and overly positive in regard to the Ravens. That gives them this vibe that winning in Baltimore is some Herculean task. That simply isn't the case.

The Ravens are banged up right now, especially along the OL. We lead the league in sacks and are 2nd in TFLs. They have a rookie QB. Jim Johnson has a terrific record against rookie QBs. That matchup favors us.

I do realize they run the ball well, but we've stopped teams outside the NFC East. I think we'll handle their running attack. JJ won't fear their passing game and will commit extra guys to playing the run.

The Eagles offense vs the Baltimore D? That's a tough matchup. I think McNabb and the playmakers will come up with enough offense for us to win the game.

Andy called the team out this week. He threatened to take away jobs if guys didn't start playing better. I think the players will respond to that. AR doesn't do that kind of stuff often (about once every solar cycle).

I could be completely wrong. I fully realize thinking optimistically about this group of Eagles isn't normal. We'll see what happens on Sunday. I expect to see smothering defense by the Eagles and enough big plays to get us a much needed W.


Maria said...

I'm not as confident.

I know we have the talent all round, therein lies the frustration. I'll be interested to see how the O (whether that be AR or MM) call this, because in my opinion most of our loses have been our own doing. 11 rushing plays against Cincy, 20 minutes possession against the Giants and as you have pointed out, and something I was screaming about even last year; the inability to use Buckhalter's in the gameplan.

I will be no happier about our long term prospects if we are delivered a defensive win on the back of an inept O performance; moreso if the play calling is as predictable as it seems.

A good omen is that Leeds thrashed Hartlepool (giants of British football... they do as a team after all rhyme with the leaders of the Premiership) and this season the Whites and the Eagles results have pretty much followed.
Also last week was the first time I didn't drink some "Foxes Nob" (a name of a real ale... honest!) when we were struggling. I have a bottle of "Piddle in the Hole" ready and waiting. They'ed run out of Foxes Nob!


Christian said...

Nice to hear about the Leeds omen! That's encouraging. I need a win badly today. My footie team (Arsenal) is unraveling before my very eyes. I can't deal with two teams on the verge of collapse!

I think the key to today's game is McNabb getting out to a better start. The Eagles can't continue to surrender the 1st quarter and expect to beat good football teams. Hopefully AR and MM dial up some easy, short passes to get Don "into a rhythm"...and hopefully they recognize the value in mixing in some runs towards that goal too. I'd love to see Buck get 8-10 carries. If no Westy, then I'd love to see him get 15-20. Am I dreaming?

Maria said...

Tommy, is this what you thought would happen if things didn't start to well?

Maria said...

"I will be no happier about our long term prospects if we are delivered a defensive win on the back of an inept O performance; moreso if the play calling is as predictable as it seems."

I was right, at this moment I am not happy. I will try a "Piddle in the Hole".


Maria said...

Clearly a Piddle in the Hole isn't as good as a Foxes Nob