Friday, November 28, 2008

The Madness of King Andy

The Eagles played really well in the win over Arizona. That was the kind of effort that was need in Cincinnati and Baltimore. Is it too little too late? Probably, but it will make things interesting over the final month.

The offense showed us what they can do when the attack is balanced and there is a focus on efficiency. Donovan McNabb played well. The receivers had a very good game. The OL dominated the LOS. Brian Westbrook played like a star and even the other runners contributed anytime they got a chance.

This kind of attack worked in 2003. Ditto in 2006. The coaches know that. They've proven that they can effectively call a game with a balanced attack.

So why does it take a desperate situation or act of congress in order for Andy to adjust and go more balanced??? I just don't get it.

That style of attack would have been perfect for say...a cold, windy day in Cincinnati. Instead, we threw the ball 60 times and put up a whopping 13 points.

There is one thing that bugs me. Arizona played arguably their worst game of the year. They looked flat, uninspired, and just lost. They did know that wasn't a walk-through...right? I hope the yards and points weren't just a product of playing a team that had a very off night. Some of that stuff did come awfully easy.

We'll see how the offense looks against the Giants in 9 days. That is a big time test. Will Andy keep the offense balanced or does he go back to the aerial circus?

Quick Game Thoughts

* Nick Cole did a solid job at RG.

* Todd Herremans had a terrific game.

* I loved the use of Kyle Eckel at RB. Well done.

* Starting Joselio Hanson was smart. Lito's basically been a bum this year. I'm glad they rewarded my man MmmBop. Lito's got more talent, but I'll take the guy that will bust his balls to get the job done.

* The secondary did a great job of coming up and pounding receivers after short catches (and drops). That's what you have to do. Punish guys. Discourage them from catching the ball.

* I was shocked we didn't have one sack. The DL did get pressure and we came up with INTs so it all worked in the end.

I'll be working on the Game Review. Finally a fun game to go back and re-watch.


T_S_O_P said...


I wonder if after the last game he was able to candidly speak to the man he was formerly a mentor for - John Harbaugh?

I wonder if Whipple has more chance to be heard?

I wonder if AR was less hands on?

Whichever, if we are going to build on this and from this point, then we sure as hell have everything to play for with games against all of our Division rivals to come.

I argued 2 games back that it wasn't an issue of talent, rather use of that talent. 8 - 0 finish, right?


Tommy Lawlor said...

I completely agree about "not a lack of talent, but misuse of talent". That's actually a brilliant summation of the messy season.

Winning out would be really hard, but I'll be hoping it happens. It is doable. The guys just have to bottle up last night and do it each game from here on out.

T_S_O_P said...

Historically we are good in December. Historically Dallas aren't.

Additionally, I think the team are behind Donnie which is an extra lift. Now we just need to settle the mini rift with Gaither and we might be able to use the term Tickertyboo as as a blog heading.

On a side note, I think we had more rushing attempts on 2nd and/or 3rd downs than all season combined. Exaggeration maybe, but not far off.

Crank it up Eagles!