Tuesday, November 18, 2008

#5 should have pled the 5th...

Never offer evidence against yourself.

Donovan didn't know games could end in a tie. That is dumb. How can you not know that?

At the same time, it didn't affect the game as far as I could tell. Reid handled the game strategy correctly. Donovan was trying to move the offense. In the end, this is much ado about nothing. Still, it just makes him look bad.

I explained to a friend that half the time Donovan talks you're proud he's the Eagles QB. He comes across as bright, thoughtful, and a good guy. He seems like the athlete you'd actually like your kids to look up to.

The other half of the time you cringe with every word. You wonder if he knows what certain things mean. You wonder if he knows cameras and microphones are turned on.

Listen, I've said plenty of dumb things. I'm no saint. I just have the good sense to make sure I say them after 12 beers so I have an excuse. And I don't do it in front of the media.

The next 6 weeks are going to be an interesting time for McNabb. His future in Philly is up in the air. He needs to go at least 3-3 to stick around. That's my guess, I should say. It would help if he won a close game (or two).

Donovan is still a good QB, but something is off right now. Too many slow starts and unsuccessful finishes. Too many critical mistakes. We've seen him get hot before. I hope that happens again, both for him and the Eagles. We can still get into the playoffs. Even if we're a major longshot to do anything, I'd like the guys to get back to the postseason. Those games are special. If nothing else, it is good for the young guys to get a taste of playoff football.

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Stephen said...

That was a really dumb thing to not know, makes you wonder how much of a student of the game he is. I love Donovan, but as you're saying something is just off. He's such a frustrating player because when he's hot he's almost unstoppable, but his inconsistency and lack of clutch play drives you nuts. A lot of people complain that he has no accuracy and no touch, but thats not really true. I've seen Donnie throw amazingly accurate passes, and put excellent touch on some balls, so he's not incapable, the problem is he doesn't do it with consistency.

I don't think the problem with the Eagles is just Donovan this year, the whole team is having a weird season.